Big thanks to popchips, StickerYou, Social Tactics, Tundra Technical, & Richmond Day

First there were 6, then there were 12, on Monday we are hoping there will be 50. For the first 3 months it was the co-founders chipping in for drinks and pizza for everybody, but as we get more people out we understand we need to have some sponsors to help us out along the way.

Thanks to our first four sponsors that helped us with making #DevTO that much better for our attendees. Here’s a little bit about each sponsor:

popchips. They’re delicious and healthy! That’s hard to combine inside a bag of chips – but these guys did it, and they have sent us boxes of them for our attendees to snack on on Monday.

StickerYou. Big thanks to Joseph Puopolo and Nicole Simone for helping us out with #DevTO stickers. They turned out great and everybody is going to get one! StickerYou’s are high quality, removable, vinyl and custom stickers that everybody loves.

SocialTactics. Sue Varty and Marc Roginsky have graciously given our attendees discounts to their social media & personal branding workshops this month. They are also presenting for a second time this Monday. It was a hit last month, and we are so happy to have them back.

Tundra Technical is among North America’s leading providers of Information Technology and Engineering staffing and consulting services. These guys are helping us out with other expenses such as the food.

Thanks you all!!




O f course we cannot forget our hosts Richmond Day for offering us their amazing space every last Monday of the month for the past 4 months. Thank you so much guys!!


The #DevTO crew


What’s #DevTO?

#DevTO is a monthly meetup for Toronto developers & designers that happens every last Monday of the month. We meet up once a month and listen to others present, chat about our work with different technologies and basically try to learn a new thing or two from someone else.

#DevTO started out with @kevinkvs and @jonezy thinking about the need to have a regular meet up for developers in Toronto to share and learn from each other. I first heard of this idea on Twitter from Chris and was immediately intrigued and offered to help out. @clickflickca also joined in later on the fun and brings his experience organizing and running other events around Toronto. [Continue reading @naelshawwa’s take on #DevTO on his blog]

Cherly and Melissa attended #DevTO last month. Here’s their take on the event from a PR perspective:

What is it that attracts so many people to get together and talk about social media, LinkedIn or JavaScript? Is it @clickflickca, the free pizza and beer, or are people honestly interested in hearing about these topics? Well Melissa and I decided to go to our first#devTO tweetup on Monday night and were pleasantly surprised at how much we learnt, and even happier about the amount of great people we got to connect with. A big thanks to ALL the organizers of #devTO!

We are both believers of the power of networking. Networking allows you to meet new people and promote your own personal brand – who doesn’t love talking about themselves? And, what made the night even better was interacting with people from different industries who were just as passionate about their careers. It was a room filled with great energy! [Continue reading their PeRspective on PRetty and PRimal]

Shanta attended a couple of our #DevTO meetups – her first was when she was the only woman out of 6 attendees – include four organizers; @naelshawwa, @kevinkvs, @clickflickca and @jonezy… : ) This is her take on her experience at #DevTO:

I attended the second #DevTO session held at Richmond Day. I read a tweet about it and though it might be a good way to network and meet some new people. I knew some of the people involved more than the event itself, so though I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew it would be great.

This particular time, I was the only woman out of 6 people; four organizers, one presenter and me. It was marketed not only to developers specifically, but also to anyone who has an interest or deals with developers. I’ve done a bit of coding in my time and work as an IT Generalist, so I deal with developers, designers and more acting as a translator between the technical types and the business types.

An event like this helps me understand what developers face and perhaps help my clients by asking the right questions the first time, hence saving time and becoming more efficient. [Continue reading Shanta’s experience on her blog]

Finally we have Kevin’s thoughts on this. Remember #DevTO is not just for developers by trade, but as Kevin once put it “even if you touched some HTML”:

With #devTO gaining the momentum that it has, more and more people, who do really not code much, have begun coming out to this coding focused meetup – which is awesome. And we’re glad for that. It was something very surprising because we’ve never seen it coming. The last meetup, July 25th a.k.a. Sprint 3, was a split between the two: those who got their hands dirty in production of code, and those who did not. Something we’ve never thought of when #devTO started out as an idea between the two developers, @jonezy and myself, looking to meet up to share thoughts. It also wasn’t really a forethought after @naelshawwa took an interest to the idea, or when @clickflickca came into the picture. We had no idea that it would come to this. And thanks to those who do attend: you guys are the reason why we do this. Learning. Still, I do have something to say to those who probably say things like “oh, I don’t code” or “it’s not really my thing”. [Read more on Kevin’s blog]

So there you go folks. Yes we will talk Dev and tech every last Monday but you will most definitely meet people who work online that are not developers. We had marketers and PR people show up, we had designers, we had entrepreneurs, project managers. Also guess who else comes to these events? Recruiters. So if you’re looking for a new gig come out. If not, then come out to meet some awesome people in Toronto from different industries that all come together because of the web.



#DevTO Sprint 4 – Aug 29th Tweetup

Our 4th iteration of #DevTO is almost here! As before, it’s at the usual place, and time – last Monday of every month at our awesome hosts Richmond Day.

We have lined up a few great #DevTO quickies:

  •  Sue Varty and Marc Roginsky on a follow up presentation to last month’s talk about “How to showcase your dev projects on LinkedIn”. This time around they will be talking about “Personal Branding for Developers”. To learn more about Sue and Marc, make sure to follow them on Twitter, and check out their bios.
  • Brian Hogg will introduce us to web-based mobile application development using JavaScript and HTML5. Brian is a developer and tech consultant and has been running his own consulting company since 1999. Read more about Brian’s work on his blog.
  • Shoukry Kattan will follow Brian’s intro and lead us into using Titanium for mobile web apps. Shoukry is a developer and software architect working in telecom solutions. He also used to work at before coming to Toronto. Find out what Shoukry is up to on his blog.

We have a few sponsors this time around – some we can’t just yet announce – but we will be giving them a shout out at the event and publishing that here soon.

A few thank you’s:

First up, thanks to Sue and Marc for offering to present at our meetup again. Last time was great, and we are all looking forward to Sprint 4! They also graciously offered #DevTO registrants discounted tickets to their branding workshop.

Toronto’s Sticker You provided us with awesome stickers to give out this time. They turned out awesome and everybody is looking forward to getting them on Monday! Big thanks to Joseph and Nicole from Sticker You for helping out!


Check out who’s already signed up and make sure to bookmark this site for future posts and updates about events. Also don’t forget to follow @devto_ca