Big thanks to popchips, StickerYou, Social Tactics, Tundra Technical, & Richmond Day

First there were 6, then there were 12, on Monday we are hoping there will be 50. For the first 3 months it was the co-founders chipping in for drinks and pizza for everybody, but as we get more people out we understand we need to have some sponsors to help us out along the way.

Thanks to our first four sponsors that helped us with making #DevTO that much better for our attendees. Here’s a little bit about each sponsor:

popchips. They’re delicious and healthy! That’s hard to combine inside a bag of chips – but these guys did it, and they have sent us boxes of them for our attendees to snack on on Monday.

StickerYou. Big thanks to Joseph Puopolo and Nicole Simone for helping us out with #DevTO stickers. They turned out great and everybody is going to get one! StickerYou’s are high quality, removable, vinyl and custom stickers that everybody loves.

SocialTactics. Sue Varty and Marc Roginsky have graciously given our attendees discounts to their social media & personal branding workshops this month. They are also presenting for a second time this Monday. It was a hit last month, and we are so happy to have them back.

Tundra Technical is among North America’s leading providers of Information Technology and Engineering staffing and consulting services. These guys are helping us out with other expenses such as the food.

Thanks you all!!




O f course we cannot forget our hosts Richmond Day for offering us their amazing space every last Monday of the month for the past 4 months. Thank you so much guys!!


The #DevTO crew


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