#devTO HOHOTO Giveaway!

With the holidays coming, we’re looking to drop the keyboards and boogie with the rest of our Toronto community. The party? This year’s #HOHOTO shindig hosted by Daily Bread Food Bank! That being said: we’ve got a few tickets to give out to our #devTO members as a ‘Thanks For Coming Out’. And you’re thinking it’s gonna be THAT easy? HA!

We’ve got RULES for this twitter giveaway:

- wear your #DevTO tshirt and take a pic! (if you don’t have a #DevTO t-shirt then Photoshop it)
- put on something festive; santa hat, Rudolph nose, mistletoe, etc
- post picture on twitter with “Look at me @devto_ca¬†#DevTO being all festive #HohoTO

We’ll select a random winner this Friday at 4pm by the power of TwitterTwitterChickenDinner.com! Entries will also be posted to the site!

Can’t wait to see you do something that just ISN’T code!

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