#devTO and Design Edge Are Calling All Mobile Developers

  We here at #devTO encourage the Toronto Interactive scene in app making. Heck, we’ve backed Atendy and Epilogger to produce a high calibur solution to both run and cherish those special events. Supporting a contest that can produce this sort of quality is no exception. Especially with our friends from Design Edge Canada involved. So…


Yes, you with the passion for production. The ambition for quality assurance tests on even your own devices. Yes – you, the one with the innovative, head-turning idea that will shine on any platform. Whether it’s the Green Bots or looking through glass panes.  #DevTO is giving you a chance at Regional Design Award in Mobile Design glory with two free early bird entries to be used before February 3rd! You’re thinking…

No way! There must be SOME sort of catch to this!

A bit of leg work, on your part, is our style! If you’re still really reading this: you’ve guessed it right: there is ALWAYS leg work. Nael, Jo, Chris, and I, will be the gatekeepers here. We will be evaluating the best idea to send off to duke it out with some of the best app makers(yeah – I said “best”. You know how Toronto gets down with apps). Anyway,  to submit your entry idea thesis, get this to #devTO at contests@devto.ca with the subject of “Regional Design Award Winning Mobile App”. Make sure you have your name in the body someplace. This should be in our hands by Friday, January 27th, 2012. Design Edge’s rules for the submissions are here, too.  So…

GET APP-ing!

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