#devTO does Social Media Week Toronto

After 10 consecutive rounds( and a thanks for coming out to our first ever #devTO of 2012, which happened last Monday. Braving winter like that), we’ve decided to give our friends a bit of a background story. And with Social Media Week creeping around the corner, we’ve ALSO devised a session solely to deliver it.

#devTO 10. Or… Creating a community of Developers and Designers” for short. Atendy and Epilogger will also get a spotlight as they are a key part of #devTO’s story. Social Media Week’s focus is complimentary to the very meet-up that this post is referring to. Heck, this event WAS built through twitter btw.  We’re all excited about being a part of this worldwide event. Very much so that we’re doing the presentation with our two companies. Who better to know the story than the Full House-esque dads of #devto?  Talk about a real narrative!

“I went to the event posting and there’s no more spots! What’s up with THAT?!”

I know, I know: we’re sold out already and ALOT of folks can’t wait until March’s #devTO 11. Understandable. There MAY be openings, for sure, but the policies for SMWTO are pretty set in stone. There could be more spots opened in the next week! For those who had their Kung Fu-trigger finger coding hands: this will be at #Bnotions  on Monday, February 13th, 2012 at 6:30pm.



This month’s #DevTO is brought to you by:

We’re grateful for the community’s support in assisting with this event, especially guys like these:

BNOTIONS is a technology company. We develop and design mobile applications, social applications and API’s. Our goal is to deliver rich, dynamic applications while using the latest, most flexible technologies.
Our development methodologies believe in an organic and iterative approach. Our respect for your brand resides in the usability and aesthetics. Our teams are comprised of creative technologists.


Headstart Solutions is a technology talent acquisition agency that combines digital media, employer and personal branding to complement great candidates with great employers.


GelaSkins The best skins on the planet! GelaSkins are removable covers for protecting and customizing your portable devices. They feature stunning, photo-quality graphics ranging from fine art prints to contemporary urban images designed by our growing family of artists from around the globe. Stand out in the crowd with personalized protection from GelaSkins.



Thinkwrap: A team of outstanding software developers, engineers, architects, strategists, and designers whose ability to create responsive web environments serving 100,000 users doesn’t stop them from architecting for millions as if they were one.Our strong community of purpose is built on our clients’ lasting business success.


And of course, our new friends: thirdocean is a communications and marketing agency with offices in Toronto, ON.  Founded in 2011 by Karim Kanji and Carolyn Van, our focus is on social media marketing communications and community management. Thirdocean pride’s itself on being experts in the social media space offering, effective marketing communication, facilitating online communities, creating engaging and interactive content, seeding online conversations, creating positive sentiment towards the brands we work with. Thirdocean’s services compliments traditional marketing initiatives and digital communications initiatives – providing an increase in audience reach, measurable results and the ability to keep on top of an audience’s pulse.


Keep it locked on our blog. We’re going through changes and would LOVE to keep you guys informed!

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