Next #DevTO is March 26th @ ING Direct

After being welcomed by Richmond Day last year and BNotions for the past couple of months we are now moving on to the ING Direct Cafe at Yonge and Shuter. Yes, we’re like Toronto’s Techie Nomads. We don’t know if this is permanent or not but we will be there for the next few months. This location is also really nice and we’re very excited to host you there this month! Check it out!

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Speaker lineup

 Bridging the gap between Native and Web with offline mobile web apps
Bijan Vaez – EventMobi

The native vs web debate continues to rage onwards while new web technologies continue to close the gap. In this presentation we’ll take a quick look at one of the main points of debate – offline access, and how we can make it possible on the mobile web. We’ll discuss a brief overview of what is possible with the offline web and techniques and technologies like HTML5 Local Storage and AppCache to build fast and robust mobile web apps that can take a bite out of most native apps!

Bijan is the technical co-founder of EventMobi, the leading mobile platform for events and conferences worldwide. An engineer by day and a mad scientist by night, he thrives in being able to push technologies to their absolute edge. Having worked on the hardware side of things at AMD, and an RFID consultancy startup in Silicon Valley, he’s settled himself in the software battlefield playing around with the newest and greatest in the mobile web. He has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Toronto and can be found on twitter at @bijanv.


WordPress: Not just a blogging platform
Matt Read – Partner & Technical Head of Nat&Marie

With over 71 Million websites running it, there’s no doubt that WordPress is an extremely powerful and easy to use platform for building a variety of different websites.  Typically thought of as a blogging platform, this talk will demonstrate how WordPress can be expanded beyond its traditional implementation to become a powerful CMS system able to mange a wide assortment of data outside of a typical ‘blog post’.  This talk will also demonstrate how to implement a fully managed API service that can used to send data to any number of different devices and platforms which are able to consume JSON data.

Matt renowned as one of the “Tallest Guys in Tech”, is also one of the most resourceful. From Fortune 500’s to enterprising startups, Matt has used his unique blend of talent, experience and perseverance to implement complex solutions across a wide range of platforms and technologies.

With an interest in web development covering both front end user interfaces and the back end content management systems to power them, Matt found the WordPress platform where he has spent the last few years building client web sites and experimenting with expanding WordPress functionality outside of the traditional uses of the platform.

Currently, Matt is working on several projects ranging from mobile applications to live streaming video platforms as well as continuing his role as the technical lead on Nat&Marie (, one of the first live format web series to hit the net in Canada.

Special Toronto GTUG – Developing for Google TV

We just heard from our friends at the Toronto Google Technology User Group about a special invite-only  event they are having Wednesday March 7th at the Google offices in Toronto with presenters Paul Carff and Les Vogel. Remember this is an invite-only event, however the GTUG guys are holding on to 5 spots for DevTO attendees.

So how do you get in?

  1. Visit the meet up page  and go to the invite form at the bottom
  2.  Submit your details and add the secret password: “#DevTO”  next to your name.
  3. They will select 5 of you to receive invites for this opportunity to talk Google TV and check out the Google offices!


That’s all for this month folks! See you there

Nael, Chris, Kevin and Jo



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