Humber Digital x #devTO x ING Cafe

To follow up with the impressive attendance, Humber’s Interactive Multimedia Alumni of 2012 did the same thing that we #devto’ers pulled off last month:

Bring the awesome to ING Cafe!

But, unlike us: Humber brought their OWN talent to the spot including our latest photography talent Adam Chow(UI Developer), Daniela Turchiaro(UI Developer), Joanna Barretto(Graphic Designer), and Chris Flemming, of that class. Glad they were able to get the responsive design locked down already! App development via iOS was also present, and also, just as incredible. A great way to follow up after the FITC 2012 Best Canadian Student Website, JeJun Lee, win. Especially with …

… the branding! Daniela did an awesome job making her skill stick. What a calling card!

Glad I was able to pop in and take a peak at what the predessesors became and possibly will become. As one of their proffs and my favorite Humber alumni artist, Linda Nakanishi, pointed out that night: we can’t wait to see them in the industry!

Be sure to check out their new student portfolio reel.

Thanks to Greg, Tom, and James, for the catch-ups.

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