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After wrapping up a full year of #DevTO events last month, we will be back at the ING Cafe at Yonge & Shuter this month. Get your tickets now before they’re gone, then come back and read about the exciting speakers this month.
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We are very excited to present our speakers Katherine and Yuriy this month.

The Decentralized Future of eCommerce

Katherine Hague – Founder at ShopLocket
In the past, selling online has meant setting up a storefront, or submitting your product to a marketplace. Katherine believes that these options are cultural artifacts. They resemble offline models like retail stores or print catalogs. But in the age of blogs, Facebook Pages, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter, many people have already established networks and communication channels online.

There was a time when watching a video required going to a specific host site. But those days are long gone. With services like Youtube, we’ve come to expect the ability to share our content anywhere. The same is now becoming expected in eCommerce.

Companies like Gumroad, Kout, Chirpify, Stripe, WePay, and ShopLocket that focus on new models for eCommerce are quickly changing the way people look at buying and selling online. The rapid decentralization of eCommerce will allow sellers to take advantage of their existing networks, and will lower the barriers to entry for selling online.

Katherine is the Co-Founder of ShopLocket. Katherine has worked as an independent digital media consultant, Shopify Theme Developer, and in a variety of Marketing positions for Toronto-based startups. Last summer Katherine was looking for a way to sell some cute t-shirts she had custom made. Despite a variety of solutions available to help sellers set up online retail stores, she couldn’t find an easy solution for those just wanting to sell a single product from their website, blog, or Facebook page. Katherine decided that hers was a problem worth solving. ShopLocket now provides a simple platform for anyone to start selling in minutes. You can follow Katherine on Twitter @KatherineHague.

Building a development platform: lessons learned

Yuriy Blokhin – Platform Evangelist at Kik Interactive

We are spoiled nowadays. There are thousands of APIs available for every possible need. Given the competition for developer time, API developers are becoming progressively better at making sure that adopters are informed and ready to rock’n’roll within minutes of downloading the SDK.

Over the last year, our development team has had to build two dramatically different sets of APIs, developer tools and developer portals for both of our products – Kik and Clik. I’d like to tell you about various mistakes that we have made, so that you won’t repeat them. I will also tell you some war room stories and API promotion tips, so that once you set your mind on adding an API to your product, you will be ready to nail it.

Yuriy started working at Kik 3 years ago on the server team, where he built the first version of the backend infrastructure for Kik Messenger. When Kik launched their API, Yuriy took on the job of building a developer community around it. Yuriy went to the University of Waterloo where he studied Mathematical Physics but never completed his degree because, well, sometimes Kik happens.


Three ways your brain lies about pain

A mobility restriction in your Ankle can cause you neck pain and a leg length discrepancy can cause your jaw to be Mal-aligned. These are just a couple of several ways in which your brain gets confused about the the source of pain. Furthermore. in this extreme era of specialization, Health Professionals often do not make the connection and the issue goes unresolved.

Faz Moosa RMT is a Sutherlan-Chan Massage Therapy Graduate who now runs his own practice in Downtown Toronto. He once worked as a Techie in a Fortune 500 company but could not advance his career because DevTO did not exist then.

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