Spotlight: Android

The little androids, that could, have made their way into cell phones and tablets. The platform has gain insurmountable ground in the realm of the mobile space in such a short time, being one the top OSes on the market. Various companies, in the space such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and several others, have dubbed their devices with over seven iterations of Android. Android’s deployment is not only the most user friendly, but also, the quickest, allowing even folks with Eclipse and a few SDKs to get started through both native and html apps with just the syntax to master. Those smart little robots. ¬†And surprisingly, we’re not talking about anything to do with Star Wars.

At #devTO 13, we’re giving away two FITC Spotlight: Android tickets(Approx. value for early bird 109.00) to get your learn on, June 23rd, with some of Toronto’s brightest Android builders, ¬†including one of our regulars, Mark Lapasa, and talent from one of the leaders in the Toronto mobile game, Xtreme Labs. 7 technical talks that are definitely worth the visit. We’re also giving out a special discount code at the event!

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