Event: HACK with Facebook in Toronto on June 16th

Facebook is running their largest ever developer event in Canada on Saturday June 16th at 99 Sudbury.
There will be two presentation tracks dedicated to developers and creative/marketing professionals and plenty of time dedicated to cranking out code during the all day event. In the morning, Facebook Platform Engineers from New York, California, and Dublin will be kicking things off with an intro to the platform, open graph, and mobile, and the creative track later in the afternoon will cover storytelling, social design, apps for marketers, and advertising on Facbeook – all delivered by local platform experts.
Facebook Engineers will be on hand to answer questions and help you make the most out of the APIs and tools offered by the platform. There will be a demo session at the end of the night and prizes for best overall app, best open graph integration, best game, and best mobile app.
Registration is free and filling up fast! Check out more details and register at  http://facebook.regsvc.com/E8.
– Sachin Monga

Girl Geeks Toronto Presents The Mobile Evolution

We may be designers. We may be mathematicians. We may be digital experts. We may be educators. Whatever we are, we are all geeks.

Formed with the premise of making technology exciting and available to everyone, Girl Geeks Toronto is happy to announce our upcoming event Mobile Evolution: Thinking Beyond The App. The evening will be jam-packed with three great speakers: Kitty Shum, Tom Purves and Matthew Fabb, addressing the hot topic of mobile, what we need to know, and what tools we need to be involved. Along with these fabulous talks, the evening will offer hors d’oeuvres, refreshments, and networking opportunities.

After a period of dormant activity, Girl Geeks Toronto has reformed it’s team and are back bigger and better than ever! Each month we will tackle a new theme with three speakers, providing you with the hottest talks in technology from the best in the industry. Your dedicated organizers are Breanne Schroder, Rachel Lane, Caroline McGregor and Cassie Doubleday (pictured from left to right).

We are pleased to be supporters of and affiliated with DevTO, who have done a remarkable job of building the dev community here in the city. Thanks, gents, for your support!

To join us at the event RSVP here. You can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

#DevTO 14 – June 25th

#devto hasn’t even hit primary school years and we’ve been making a huge impact on the GTA Interactive scene! It’s great being a part of the consistent and growing community that we’ve decided to crash.  Thanks to the support of attendees, such as yourselves, and the feedback given, we’re looking to make #devto better than ever! #devTO 14 – June 25th at ING Cafe, Downtown Toronto.

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One more #DevTO in the back pocket – learn about last month’s speakers here. See you out there on June 25th folks!
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URL shortener using Node.js in 15 mins
Dmytro Yashkir - Software Engineer at SecureKey

Node.js is a server side Javascript environment based on Google’s V8 Javascript engine. It is fast (because V8 is fast), it uses event loop instead of threads, and it is in Javascript which many of us know and love. Goal of the presentation is to show what Node.js hype is about through a simple introduction to creating a URL shortener. URL shortener does few things: accepts a URL to shorten, forwards users going to the short URL, shows some analytics about the users following the shortened URL. We will look at the code, get it to work and see it in action.

Dmytro loves making things that people want to use, currently working for SecureKey developing iPhone app and things around it. Big fan of Node.js, Redis and iOS. In the past have worked for TenFour Labs and The Weather Network. BSc Computer Science with with way too many courses in Economics. Also runner, foodie, beer connoisseur and a TFC fan.

Nick La on Responsive Design
Nick La – Founder of n.design studio

Nick is a Toronto-based web designer and illustrator. He is the creator of the popular blog Web Designer Wall, Themify, IconDock and Best Web Gallery. Nick spoke at several key conferences including the Future of Web Design NYC (2008 & 2010), WordCamp Toronto 2009, Frontend 2010 (Oslo, Norway), and Mad in Spain 2011 (Madrid). Nick started Web Designer Wall in August 2007 as his personal blog to talk about design ideas, trends, and tutorials. The site has been featured on many magazines and galleries. It is also recognized as one of the popular design blogs due to quality content and beautiful design.



Headstart Solutions  is a social recruiting and career development agency. We specialize in social media recruiting on-demand and outsourcing solutions, using the latest social media tools and methodologies to engage, recruit, and stay in touch with the best talent.
You probaly have met Marc or Sue at some point in the past year, remember they spoke about personal branding and how to give awesome presentations? Marc and Sue are here to provide our community with personal branding tips,career advice, and exciting new job opportunities for FREE! Get in touch with us at talks@devto.ca for a FREE career coaching session!

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#devto hasn’t even hit primary school years and we’ve been making a
huge impact on the GTA Interactive scene! It’s great being a part of the
consistent and growing community that we’ve decided to crash.  Thanks to the support of attendees, such as yourselves, and the feedback given,
we’re looking to make #devto better than ever! #devTO 14 – June 25th at ING Cafe, Downtown Toronto.

Nick La is a designer/illustrator based in Toronto. He runs the popular design blog Web Designer Wall as well as Themify, IconDock, and Best Web Gallery.

Nick La will taking up the task of giving his view of Responsive
Design. A new and exciting topic that transcends the client buzzwords of
old and holds ground in the works of modern internet production. Nick’s work
has caught the eye of some online magazines such as the Smashing Magazine.

#devTO Sprint 14 is in effect June 25. We’ve got the tickets coming up tonight
and tomorrow, so watch out for it!