Event: HACK with Facebook in Toronto on June 16th

Facebook is running their largest ever developer event in Canada on Saturday June 16th at 99 Sudbury.
There will be two presentation tracks dedicated to developers and creative/marketing professionals and plenty of time dedicated to cranking out code during the all day event. In the morning, Facebook Platform Engineers from New York, California, and Dublin will be kicking things off with an intro to the platform, open graph, and mobile, and the creative track later in the afternoon will cover storytelling, social design, apps for marketers, and advertising on Facbeook – all delivered by local platform experts.
Facebook Engineers will be on hand to answer questions and help you make the most out of the APIs and tools offered by the platform. There will be a demo session at the end of the night and prizes for best overall app, best open graph integration, best game, and best mobile app.
Registration is free and filling up fast! Check out more details and register at  http://facebook.regsvc.com/E8.
– Sachin Monga

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