An Important Announcement about #devTO 17

if you’re coming to #devTO 17, there’s something that we need to tell you:

Hey everyone,
We’ve got good news and bad news. I know it’s a weekend, but better we didn’t have too many surprises to look at a few days before the event. First, the bad news:

Tom Green will not be able to present this month…

Now, for the good news:
Doesn’t mean that Adobe is TOTALLY out of the picture at the upcoming #devto! Matt Fabb will be taking helm of the technical talk with PhoneGap, joining Jason Theodor. As for Tom, we’ll be seeing him next month! Same presentation, but different time! #devto is STILL on, people! Still. On.

Well… it wasn’t all THAT bad, was it?

See you guys in a couple of weeks!
The #devTO folks

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