Featured Startup: Tunezy


Tunezy is a Music Experience Marketplace. This Toronto based start-up company allows independent artists to pursue their passion for music, while allowing them to effectively monetize fan engagement. Users are able to earn Tunezy’s virtual currency called “Notes” by listening to, commenting on, and sharing music. They can then use these notes to “tip” artists and purchase experiences such as virtual concerts, concert tickets, and back stage passes.


“Tunezy is an idea that sprouted from what we viewed as trends and gaps in today’s music industry – record labels aren’t what they used to be and more musicians are now opting to stay independent. We’re hoping to create a new way for fans to enjoy and appreciate music and, support their favorite artists. We believe that artists can stay independent and still thrive by leveraging the social web. We are motivated by the individuals who are creating music and sharing it with the world and – we want to help” says Derrick Fung, CEO

Having won first place out of 80 teams at the National Business and Technology Conference in Toronto, they have continued to grow and impress. Currently featuring artists all over the world on the website, Tunezy is set to launch to the public in Fall 2012. For more information feel free to contact the team at or even better, see for yourself at and start discovering and supporting new artists today!

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