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If you didn’t already know, #jQueryTO is the first ever jQuery conference in Toronto.  Spread over two days (March 2-3, 2013) and pulling together over 30 speakers and 4 amazing keynotes, this conference aims to “provide insight into the future of development, design, user experience & mobile using JavaScript, HTML & CSS.”  If you’re into front-end development, then this conference is right up your alley.

Find out more about the conference here.

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The DevTO Team

#DevTO 21: Documenting User Interfaces & How it went down at Startup Weekend Toronto

Last month was one of our biggest #DevTO’s yet and a lot have told us it was one of the best as well! So – your mission this month (if you choose to accept it) is to attend #DevTO (if you have never before) and make one person you know come out with you as well! Here are the topics for this month:


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If you missed last month’s speakers check them out here. We’re bringing in Darcy Clarke to discuss Documenting User Interfaces and Graham Kennery will share some experience from the team that won Startup Weekend Toronto! Don’t miss it! The full details are below! More tickets will be opened at 8pm on February 4th.
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Documenting User Interfaces

Darcy Clarke – Senior UX Developer at Polar Mobile

On boarding someone new to a foreign project can be time consuming. Creating a platform or project that is meant to be used by thousands of people, with many moving parts, dependancies and paradigms will gain zero traction if good documentation and resources aren’t provided. To add to this, until now, generating UI documentation has been mostly neglected. Developers focus on documenting functionality in JavaScript while leaving out critical HTML and CSS techniques/paradigms. In my talk, I’ll address this issue and dive into new tools and conventions that any front end project or team can implement easily and help others understand their thinking and architecture.

Darcy if you haven’t already ran into him in Toronto is an award winning Frontend Developer, Designer, User Experience Advocate & Entrepreneur.

Darcy is the co-founder of Themify, a commercial WordPress theme company & DealPage, a Daily Deal Aggregatoram. He currently works at Polar Mobile as a Senior UX Developer & Platform Evangelist for MediaEverywhere.


How it Went down at Startup Weekend Toronto

Graham Kennery – Co-founder & Application Architect at Groupnotes

What do you do when you only have 54 hours to validate and start a business? Where do you even begin? What code do you write to win, and what code do you write to keep? A strategy to hacking together a platform that will not only work, but will lay that foundation for the months to come. This is the developer’s perspective on what could end up being the most stressful-yet-rewarding weekend of your life.
After winning two consecutive Startup Weekend events, Graham’s been thrown right into the fire of startups. While learning first-hand about a community he hardly knew existed, he attempts to specialize in “making shit work” without coding himself into a corner.

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who are defining how we navigate through our connected world. jQueryTO will be happening March 2nd and 3rd, 2013!

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