April 6th 10am – 7pm is Toronto’s Web Apps and Games Code-Along

On April 6th, we’re planning our second workshop alongside DevTOHTML5 TorontoTorontoJS and Make Web Not War. This one will focus on highlighting applications and games built using javascript and web technologies. We’ve got a couple of excellent speakers coming in from the local community.

Reserve your spot for $5 by March 30th and you can win an Xbox+Kinect bundle

Prerequisites. If you want to get the most out of this and other workshops it is recommended to install Windows 8. You can install it directly or host it in a Virtual Machine, including a Mac.You will want to install the tools and SDK and, if you get a chance, read Designing great games for Windows.If you don’t install anything, no worries, you will still be able to follow along. USB sticks and help will be available to get your computers ready to code-along.

Watch the online stream from the previous workshop

Submit your apps. If you think you have a great idea, we are having an application showcase competition where we will be giving away a Surface RT. Simply submit the URL of your idea hosted on a Microsoft platform (like the free trial of Azure) to Win8wsapps@outlook.com where you will be added to a list of presenters to be given a 2 minute “Best At” style pitch where the audience will be the judge, not just the ones there but also those online. We will be streaming the whole event as well so you can have friends and colleagues help vote for you too.

Prizes. Ticket price will be $5 and for those that register by March 30th, you’ll be entered to win an Xbox & Kinect Bundle.

Code-along. Along with speakers throughout the morning, we will also have a code-along for developing Windows 8 applications using web tools. We’ll have experts on-hand to provide 1-1 support to answer questions about using frameworks, best practices for user experience, and server side solutions for managing your application’s data.

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