#DevTO 22 – 30 years of Software Engineering & Building Browser Extensions

With jQueryTO’s roaring success last weekend, and us getting to 21 sprints in nearly 2 years, #devto’s back in full swing before its’ birthday! If you HAVE NOT been, please do attend!

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If you missed last month’s speakers check them out here. Greg Wilson will measure out his 30 years in the software game as Mathieu Gosbee will be giving us more 411 on browsers! Seriously – Don’t miss it! The full details are below! More tickets will be opened at 8pm on March 5th.
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We Know (But Ignore) More Than We Think

Greg Wilson – Creator of Software Carpentry

Over the past thirty years, software engineering researchers have learned a lot about how software actually gets built, and about which tools and practices make developers more productive.  However, most working programmers don’t know these studies exist, and don’t base their own work on the best available evidence. This talk will describe a more of the most interesting results, and explore why the gulf between research and practice persists.

Greg Wilson is the creator of Software Carpentry, a crash course in computing skills for scientists and engineers.  He has worked for 25 years in high-performance computing, data visualization, computer security, and academia, has been on the editorial board of “Doctor Dobb’s Journal” and “Computing in Science and Engineering”, and is the author or editor of several books on computing (including the 2008 Jolt Award winner “Beautiful Code”) and two for children. Greg received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh in 1993.



Browser extensions! Chrome, Firefox and what the *bleep* am I doing?

Mathieu Gosbee – Co-founder of Groupnotes
Mathieu came to out to his first #DevTO in November last year looking for votes for Groupnotes in the Global Starup Battle. At #DevTO 22 he is going to tell us what he has learned about building browser extensions.

Mathieu is a Prince Edward Island born Canadian, a recent Startup Weekend Toronto winner for the team Groupnotes. He was awesome at Counter-Strike as a kid- not so much anymore. Now he spends his days coding in pure JavaScript (no, not that silly CoffeeScript stuff). Node.JS is awesome. ‘Nuff said!



Did you know we’re also holding another event on March 10th? Come out to start learning how to build apps for Windows 8 with HTML 5 Toronto, TorontoJS and Make Web Not War.

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