Lean Startup Machine Returns April 26


On April 26th to the 28th Lean Startup Machine (LSM) returns to Toronto for its next go around. Lean Startup Machine is a three-day workshop where attendees learn the fundamentals of Customer Development and Lean Startup principles to validate their ideas for a new product or service.

You can pitch your idea t build a team of like-minded people to see if that idea can move the market or you can join a team, or bring your team to the event to help you take the next step with your idea. LSM is all about helping you to test your idea. We

LSM was founded by Trevor Owens who has built his own company based on helping innovators validate their ideas and challenge their own assumptions and biases. Currently Trevor is working on a book titled “Build Measure Learn” to help innovators like you learn how to put your ideas to the test and see if they can soar or if they need a course correction or two.

#DevTO will be giving away two tickets to LSM Toronto this Wednesday. All you have to do to participate is follow @devto and tweet:

#devto take me to #LSMtoronto http://bit.ly/17Bkkvj

by day’s end on Wednesday to have a chance and help us spread the word. Good luck to everyone and thanks for your continued support of #DevTO, you are why we do what we do.


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