Looking for a Job? Introducing: Digital Howard

We are Digital Howard.

We’re a next gen. entertainment company that makes the kind of stuff you’d probably be into watching, or playing or talking about.

Our job is to give fans more of what they want and give them compelling reasons to bring others on board. 

We strive to create experiences that are fun and entertaining. Being a digital entertainment company, we consider that to be pretty important.

We work with T.V. producers and extend their story worlds onto digital platforms.  We take existing entertainment brands and create digital experiences for them to expand their reach.  We create original 360 series for television and all of the interactive that goes with them.

We make fun stuff all day long and can’t believe our luck. This is our job.  And it could be yours too.

A lot of what we do challenges conventional wisdom. Hell, a lot of what we do challenges unconventional wisdom! Like it or not, we’ve entered the post-industrial age where there are no road maps, all of the old rules are being broken and the rate of change is ever-increasing. It’s time for experimentation, creativity and fearlessness. If you’re cool with all that, we’ll probably enjoy working together.

We’ve got a kick-ass second screen project in need of a Lead Developer, a Creative Director and a Project Manager. We’re offering excellent pay, health and dental and an unparalleled work environment.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, check us out at digitalhoward.com. The jobs are posted there, in all their splendour.

Hope to hear from you soon.




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