So you want to create a Win8 app from your WordPress blog?

So #DevTO is giving out a Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone on May 30th! This is what you need to do to enter this contest!

  1. Tweet something with the link to this blog post with the hashtag #DevTO
  2. Visit http://ideapress.me/devto and get started at creating a Windows 8 app from your WordPress blog
  3. Go through the IdeaPress Step-by-step post http://ideanotion.net/ideapress-step-by-step/ to create your app
  4. Create a Microsoft Developer account and submit the app to the windows store from the Microsoft Dev Center*
  5. Finally, just complete this form when you submit it to the store.
*If you hurry and do this soon, IdeaNotion is providing a free service where they will even publish your app to the store after you have completed the wizard.
On May 30th  we will pick a winner from those that have completed these steps! So, spend an afternoon with some friends and get your blogs up on the store, plus get entered to win a phone!
The Developer Movement. Make sure to check this out and join the movement to get some points and redeem them for some great prizes as you submit apps to the store!
UPDATE: Contest Ended. The winner picked was Alex Conde who submitted his blog “Searching for Happy“. You can get it from the Windows App Store here. 

One thought on “So you want to create a Win8 app from your WordPress blog?”

  1. Wow. That was a surprisingly easy way to create an app. My app isn’t the prettiest, but it was a hugely educational experience, thanks! I think this will lead to a blog redesign.

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