Introducing: CoFoundersLab

Hi DevTOer’s,

We just want to let you know about a great event happening tomorrow, June 25th at CSI. Do you want to start something up, but just don’t have the means or know where to start? CoFoundersLab will help you match up with the right people to make your business happen.

CoFoundersLab is a relatively new entrepreneur and developer matchmaking site in Toronto. They have a great co-founder matching platform online that you can peruse here.

Here is more information about their great event happeningĀ tomorrow:

Co-Founders Wanted of Toronto

When: Tuesday, June 25th, 6:30 PM

Where: Centre for Social Innovation (720 Bathurst Street)

Cost: Free

What: Co-Founders Wanted is an opportunity to find a co-founder for your business, or to help you find a business to join. Brought to you by CoFoundersLab, come meet other aspiring entrepreneurs and build the team to make your business happen. Start networking now by creating a free profile at!

RSVP Here:


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