#DevTO 26: Node.js & Intimacy and the Interface

Forays into Node.js – Julian Lam & Andrew Rodrigues

Julian and Andrew fromDesign Create Play talk about their experiences starting out with Node.js, and discuss lessons learned, mistakes made, and pitfalls avoided while building the first iteration of NodeBB, a Node.js+Redis powered forum designed for the modern web.

Julian will introduce audiences to Node.js’ event-loop, as well as touching on scalability comparisons with respect to traditional LAMP stacks, while Andrew will discuss several features that make Node.js especially compelling for developers looking to make the jump.

A short Q&A session will follow, where the Design Create Play team will answer questions regarding Node.js and NodeBB.


Intimacy and the Interface: Building an Internet that Humans can Love – Zach Forrester & Mark Reale

Distant from its origins, the Web Browser is no longer thought of solely as a document retrieval system. 23-years into its existence, it has become a staple in the communication system of human beings – a fixture in the daily life.
Aside from being a primary source for breaking news and communication, we have also all had ‘experiences’ on the web that we felt compelled to re-visit; experiences that we have felt compelled to tell others about. We have had ‘favorite’ web sites. We have felt distraught when the layout of our go-to online tools changed their layouts. We have used the word ‘love’ when describing things that we experienced online.
During this session, we will (respectfully) take a look under the hood of the Web Browser and explore an inventory of effects that have proven to be endearing and provide joy to our web experiences. For non-programmers, there will be a good deal of commentary on considerations of interface design and the capabilities of web browsers as we explore what is possible to conjure up on a browser-powered screen. For the developers in the mix: there will be some interesting Javascript implementations to snack on as we explore the poetic side of the web, and hopefully some inspiration to carry you into your next interface.
(This talk is a spiritual companion to BNOTIONS’ previous DevTO presentation, Plot Twists in Interfaces, September 26, 2011).


Zach Forrester, BNOTIONS (@zforrester)

Zach is a Senior UX Designer at BNOTIONS (http://bnotions.com) where he crafts engaging experiences across all platforms for international brands, merging spheres of interest that Zach has held throughout his life. A lifelong interest in comic books has given Zach a deep appreciation of storytelling and artistry, while an ongoing fascination with technology has led Zach to be an explorer of cutting edge interface programming and techniques.


Mark Reale, BNOTIONS (@markreale)

As the Community and Culture Partner at BNOTIONS (http://bnotions.com), and the Co-Founder and Director of The YMC (http://theymc.com), Mark’s focus is to bring the most efficient and innovative technologies to his clients and to share these tools and techniques to the community at large.
Beyond BNOTIONS and the YMC, Mark is an avid Javascript fan, and has also spent time as a Professor of Electronic and Print Publishing at Seneca College, and Co-Founded LeanCoffeeTO, a weekly Meetup for Entrepreneurs to discuss lean methodologies and efficient business practices.


BNOTIONS is a Toronto based innovation company that works with forward-thinking global brands and disruptive entrepreneurs. BNOTIONS focuses on strategy, design, and development of mobile, web and social products. BNOTIONS’ approach to building meaningful technology solves tough problems, overcomes complicated challenges and creates opportunities through innovation. The outcome of this process are products and thinking that creates long-term value for clients and partners, rather than campaigns that disappear as quickly as their impact.

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