Tech in Toronto: August 15th – August 22nd

It’s August! We have a few, but great, events happening in our beautiful city. Check out the links and start networking. Hope you’re enjoying your summer. Have you gotten your tickets to August’s DevTO?

A little late, but still super cool, is this 12-part Android 101 series held by the YMC. Sign up here.


August 15th, 2013

NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network) Toronto Tech Club - Crowdsourcing Humanitarian Engagement Technology Solutions
6:00 – 7:30 P.M. (FREE)

Toronto Code Retreat - Code Retreat at Bento Miso
6:00 P.M. (FREE)

August 18th, 2013 

Mobile Learning Lab - Designing for Mobile – The User Experience
7:00 P.M. (FREE)

Toronto Cassandra Users Group - Getting started with C* Installations
6:30 P.M. (FREE)

Mobile Startups TO - Ep #20 Case Study: Green P
6:45 – 8:00 P.M. (FREE)


August 19th, 2013

Toronto Drupal User Group - August Meetup
6:30 – 10:30 P.M (FREE)

Mobile Development on Multi-Platforms iOS, Android and Windows - Building Windows Phone Apps in .Net, C# and XAML
6:30 – 10:30 P.M. (FREE)

DevOps Toronto - MySQL 5.6 & MySQL Tricks
7:00 – 10:00 P.M. (FREE)


August 20th, 2013 

NSCoder Toronto – Mac/iOS Developers - NSCoder August
6:30 – 9:30 P.M. (FREE) 

Tech Entrepreneurs - Getting Engineers into the Lean Startup Cycle
2:00 – 3:00 P.M. (FREE)


August 21st, 2013

Python Toronto - Python August Meetup
7:00 P.M. (FREE)

Toronto Apple User Group - Toronto Mac Meetup
7:00 P.M. (FREE)


August 22nd, 2013

HTML 5 Toronto - A Tale of Modern Web Development
6:30 – 9:30 P.M ($5.00)

Toronto Pivotal User Group - Introduction to Data Science on Big Data
6:30 – 7:30 P.M (FREE)

WeBuildWeDesign - WeBuildWeDesign Monthly Meeting
7:00 P.M (FREE)


The DevTO Team

If you have an event that I have missed, please email me the info at


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