AppSeed – From sketches to functioning prototypes!

An app that automates your sketches into functioning prototypes. Letting you create, prototype and test faster.

AppSeed exists to speed up how you create, test and share your ideas. We love the process and seeing how ideas start and grow with a team. We wanted to build a tool that builds on what designers currently do, and uses the processing power of your phone to take some of the manual labour out of going from a sketch to a prototype. We wanted to let you have an idea in a meeting and show it on device right away, letting you focus on your idea, not how to get it on device.


AppSeed uses computer vision to make the process of going from a sketch to a prototype faster and smarter. Using OpenCV, AppSeed:

Captures your sketched design

Identifies contained areas of your sketch and allows you to make them into a number of UI elements, including: Buttons | Maps | Streetview | Form text inputs with more to be added based on your feedback

Allows you to run the prototype on your mobile device

Allows you to share the prototype as an HTML5 prototype with others

Send the designs to a layered Photoshop file for editing

The Team

This app is the brainchild of Greg Goralski, technical lead and project director. Design, product consulting & support is provided by Adam Leon from Transmitter Studios. Dru Langemann was the cameraman for our video which was edited by Matei Kajs.

Greg Goralski – @greggoralski

Greg is an interactive media professor at Humber College and is fascinated with the creative process. He has won gold at the National Post Design Exchange Awards for is previous work on architectural visualization tool, IN_situ. He is an alumni of the Interactive Project Lab and holds an MBA from Ryerson University.

He is also co-author of Foundation Flex for Designers and Foundation Flash Catalyst.

Adam Leon – @trnsmttr

With industry experience beginning in 1996, Adam has been involved in all facets of online media such as design and development, motion graphics, art direction, and project management. His educational background is in audio engineering, computer graphics, and interactive multimedia, and a residency at the Canadian Film Centre’s new media lab.

Adam was Schools Without Borders’ volunteer of the year in 2010 and the co-publisher of A FACE A NAME: Artists Doing Well and Good. He is an instructor of Animation For The Web and Digital Media Branding Strategies at Humber College and is a proud FACTOR jury member.

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