Spotlight: Advanced JS


Next up in FITC’s Spotlight event series is a day dedicated to Advanced JavaScript. They’re lining up professional developers to target the key information, skills and tools for you to push your coding abilities to the next level.

Push your skills to the next level with Spotlight: Advanced JS! Join other developers for a full day of learning from industry professionals. December 7, 2013 at University of Toronto’s Bahen Center for Information Technology.


• Vladimir Vukicevic / Engineering Director at Mozilla

• Matias Niemelä / Core Developer on AngularJS

• Grant Skinner / Owner at

• Harry Brundage / Performance Team Lead at Shopify

• Robin Ward / co-founder of Discourse

• Nick Van Weerdenburg / Founder of


Early bird deadline is Nov 8 -


Grab your tickets before November 8 to get early bird pricing!

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