EVENT RECAP – Wrapping up 2013 with Codeproject and IdeaNotion

This past Monday was our last DevTO of 2013. And what a great time! Polar Mobile hosted us and as always, showed us a great time. We were well-met with great friends and sponsors, and we even had a special guest appearance from the famous Gary Vaynerchuck! Gary stopped by (via video) to give #DevTO and the T.O. tech community a bit shout-out. The video is featured in our post here: http://www.devto.ca/2013/11/gary-vaynerchuk-keep-up-the-phenomenal-hard-work-toronto/ 


We welcomed Carrie Davis-Sydor and Sean Ewington to give our first presentation on behalf of Codeproject, one of the first coding communities in the world! 

Codeproject incase you hadn’t heard (which we are sure you have), is a wonderful resource for computer programmers of any level. Rich with articles and quick tips and tricks, you can copy and paste code straight from the site. Founded and based in Toronto, Codeproject boasts a grand library of helpful information and tons of contests with an emphasis on a community sharing culture. We were so happy to have them come in and talk to us, especially since they are celebrating their 14th year and their 10 millionth member! Check out their site and community here and their new Codeproject.TV initiative!

Our second speaker was Michael Siu and Raymond Tsang from IdeaNotion. A lover of all things open (open source, open data, open gov… etc.), IdeaNotion is a lean software consulting firm. They came to speak to us about an easy tool they’ve created for you to use: IdeaPress. “a platform that empowers the transformation of WordPress websites into mobile apps” Create a feature rich app through a step-by-step creator. Michael showed us an alternative approach to handling buggy apps and showed us how an hybrid app (native & HTML5) could automatically push updates directly to users without republishing the app. Check out the Github on IdeaPress here.

A big thank you (again) to Polar Mobile for hosting, and a big thank you to our event photographers, Chow Productions. We have posted our event photos here and here. Try and find your face!

See you at the Toronto Tech Social Wrap Up on December 3rd. Grab your tickets for only $10.00! There will be GREAT prizes you guys can win (and support the Toronto Tech Community and Daily Bread Food Bank.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Community Agency
Microsoft Canada
Kendo UI

And our in-kind sponsors:

Holly Lews (thanks for the amazing cookies!) 

The DevTO Team thanks you, Toronto Tech community for making each and every one of the last Mondays of each month more amazing than the last. Here’s to 2013, and here’s to what’s to come in 2014!



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