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Hey everyone, earlier this week we announced our new gold sponsor, Myplanet Digital is hosting a great series that could land you a job! If you’re looking to improve your skill set and brush up on your web developer and Drupal know-how, you should check out the World of Webcraft educational program.

More information is supplied below:

Myplanet is piloting an exciting FREE educational program beginning in January.  World of Webcraft is part-time, 12 week offering that welcomes junior web developers and freelancers who are looking to enhance their skill sets.

For the first month of Webcraft, participants will learn the basics of the Myplanet development process and project lifecycle. Using Drupal as our content management platform, hands-on exercises and challenges in class will deliver a thorough understanding of this open source framework. Beyond the first month, learners who exhibit a solid grasp of the concepts may be invited to take part in the “play & earn” phase for the remaining 8 weeks of the program. They’ll work on real client tasks that will support Myplanet production teams and will be compensated for their work. It’s an unparalleled opportunity gain first-hand, paid development experience with the guidance of skilled mentors.

Webcraft classes will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9AM-5PM at Myplanet’s brand spankin’ new office downtown Toronto. Successful completion of the program could lead to a full-time employment opportunity at Myplanet. Anyone interested in applying can get in touch with


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