Help #DevTO send 5 girls to a Girls Learning Code Summer Camp!

This month we are trying to help send five girls between the ages of 8 and 13 to a Kids Learning Code Summer Camp in July and August.

At our May event we will be discussing how to retain more women in STEM. It is a known fact that to achieve this we have to start at a young age AND make it fun and that’s where Kids Learning Code comes in!

These camps experiences are meant to take kids on a journey of discovery, empowerment, creativity and making! Each camp includes at least one field trip to a relevant technology company, a panel discussion with some of Toronto’s most energized professionals and experts, small and large hands on projects, demo presentations at the end of each day of camp, a demo day for parents and the community at the end of the week, and more!

In June 2013, Kids Learning Code began offering monthly workshops, camps and events for boys and girls. Like Girls Learning Code, these programs are beginner-friendly, hands-on and fun. Featuring a 3:1 ratio of kids to mentors, we ensure kids are guided by balanced numbers of male and female role models. At Kids Learning Code, we believe that if we want to encourage more diversity in the field of technology, we need to help boys and girls learn to work in technical environments together effectively. Thus, at Kids Learning Code events, 50% of tickets are reserved for boys and 50% for girls. If your child hasn’t yet experienced the fun of a Kids Learning Code workshop or camp, we encourage you to check out one of our upcoming events!

We need your help to achieve this goal in June!

PayPal Canada’s FIRST EVER Battlehack Toronto 2014 – May 31st – June 1st

In Toronto, Hackathons are either one of two things: Epic or not-so-epic. PayPal Canada will be showing us that come the weekend of May 31st in their monumental saga:

PayPal Battlehack 2014

 BattleHack is a series of hackathons held  at various cities worldwide that culminates in a World Finals held in Silicon Valley in November. Winner gets the title of Ultimate Hacker for Good and $100k USD. 

Seriously: the one reason to enter this contest of coding – a trophy’s an axe! A hefty axe.  The best way to kick off the hack season! Still, DON’T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! 1:00 in the video below. Yeah. That. So. Good.

Check out the link to register. Also, while you’re at it: check out some of the bodies after the jump! Alot of familiar faces looking to take this on! This is gonna be massive!

Stay Tuned to #devto for a chance to win a special hacking device at our next #devtoChat courtesy of PayPal Canada!


Day Job Screening – May 21st

So our friends at Acheivers, will be showing the startup documentary Day Job at Achievers on May 21st at 7pm!

Come join us for our third Toronto Screening of DAY JOB. For this event we will provide and extended fireside chat following the film with Jeremy Potvin, Founder of Shift Hub in conversation with Serial entrepreneur Murray McKercher Executive Producer. Ticket Price: $10. Click here for more information.