PayPal Canada’s FIRST EVER Battlehack Toronto 2014 – May 31st – June 1st

In Toronto, Hackathons are either one of two things: Epic or not-so-epic. PayPal Canada will be showing us that come the weekend of May 31st in their monumental saga:

PayPal Battlehack 2014

 BattleHack is a series of hackathons held  at various cities worldwide that culminates in a World Finals held in Silicon Valley in November. Winner gets the title of Ultimate Hacker for Good and $100k USD. 

Seriously: the one reason to enter this contest of coding – a trophy’s an axe! A hefty axe.  The best way to kick off the hack season! Still, DON’T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! 1:00 in the video below. Yeah. That. So. Good.

Check out the link to register. Also, while you’re at it: check out some of the bodies after the jump! Alot of familiar faces looking to take this on! This is gonna be massive!

Stay Tuned to #devto for a chance to win a special hacking device at our next #devtoChat courtesy of PayPal Canada!


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