The 416 Show – Episode 23: Would You Like to Play a Game?

This week’s episode of the show is almost 100% focused on the big September 9, 2015 Apple Event!

But before that, we cover a couple of quick bits of follow up. Including Nael’s recent Bocci and Kube experiences and Chris had a bit of a brain fart last episode that he get’s to make up for.

For our main topic we cover all the big topics, Apple TV, iPad Pro and the new iPhone 6S. We ponder the pencil, wonder why certain features have taken so long to make it to various products, agree that the Mac will never get a touch screen and Nael convinces Chris (sorta, kinda) that Siri will in fact come to the Mac!

Thanks so much for listening and stay tuned for more episodes!

  • #DevTO – Because you don’t just write code.


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