#DevTO: Building Serverless Pipelines & 12 Steps to Return to Work

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12 Steps to Return to work – Lisa Fenton **
Lisa Fenton is a Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP), Supply Chain Manager and an advocate of championing women back to work with a focus on negotiating beyond salary.

Lisa enjoyed twelve years with her three boys at home in Bowmanville before going back to work.

Lisa ‘s website www.propelledbypossibility.com features published articles on her journey back to work,an interview on success strategies to return to work along with a link to a podcast “Creating an Effective Return to Work Plan” with Lisa Fenton,CSCMP.

Building Serverless Pipelines with Dan Van Brunt**

Dan Van Brunt is a Senior Director of Technology @KlickHealth (klick.com) based out of Toronto, Canada. He also writes about cloud solutions, serverless and infrastructure automation. When he is not tinkering with his personal home automation projects, he is also an active contributor to a number of related open source projects. A proud learner for life and gadget freak.

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