#DevTO: Using Your Voice at Work & Getting Started with AWS ElasticSearch


Using Your Voice at Work – who’s doing it?! – Kyla Fox
Audience will learn about the power of using your voice and being vulnerable in relation to restrictions at work. This awareness is necessary to support mental wellbeing and career satisfaction. As Kyla is an eating disorder/mental health expert, she will explain how these restrictions manifest in one’s relationship to food and their body. Through almost two decades of experience as a clinical therapist, Kyla will invite audience members to learn about and recognize these patterns.

Kyla struggled severely with anorexia and an over-exercise addiction for most of the first half of her life. Due to the lack of immediate and ongoing services available in Toronto for those affected by eating disorders, she could not get the help she needed. In her recovery, she became determined to become the therapist that she would have always wanted to have had herself.
Over the many years of Clinical practice, Kyla saw a way to bridge the gaps in our Toronto system for those affected by eating disorders/disordered eating and women’s health. The Kyla Fox Centre is the first of it’s kind private Eating Disorder Recovery Centre and Women’s Wellness Centre. It is a place where people can receive the comprehensive and sound care that they require for their individual wellness.
Kyla is a Social Worker and Master’s level clinician. Before opening the Kyla Fox Centre in February of 2012, Kyla spent almost a decade in private practice along with running groups in the field. She is a public speaker, writer, educator, advocate and media expert for eating disorders/disordered eating and mental health. Because of the years of silence in her suffering, Kyla has made it her mission to get loud about changing the way we understand eating disorders and mental health in our culture.

Getting Started with AWS ElasticSearch – Amir Honarpour
How do you find a needle in a haystack? An introduction to AWS ElasticSearch. The what, the why, and the how.

Amir Honarpour is a lifelong learner and a Senior Developer at Klick Health. He’s worn multiple hats on small teams throughout his career and has worked on different aspects of web applications, from database and API design to frontend development. In his downtime he tinkers with prototypes, reads about tech, A.I., etc.