About #DevTO


You love it, hate it, debug it, dream about it, obsess over it, test it, throw it away… because you don’t just write code.
#DevTO is a place for all – regardless of age, experience or sex, to gather and collaborate on the problems we face while developing applications. You may not be a developer, but even if you’ve handled a bit of HTML, or chewed on some CSS, you should come out.

These problems are as broad as our job descriptions; can’t figure out how to get that interface to look good in Chrome and Safari? Not sure how to deploy code to multiple servers with no downtime? What is the best way integrate social media into your projects? I’m sure at some point you’ve all contended with these questions, so why not share it and benefit from the experience of others?

#DevTO has welcomed a mixture of attendees through out our time in Toronto; ranging from developers, architects, designers and CIOs, to PR, marketing and recruiters. It is a laid back environment for everybody involved in development projects – small or big, to chat, network and learn from each other. Each month we have 100+ people to come out and learn from 2 presentations from different people in the industry and then mingle with the crowd the rest of the evening.


#DevTO happens on the last Monday of every month in Toronto. The event is free but has limited spots and we sell out fast! Tickets are released in blocks so if you miss the first block you can try for the next. Pizza is provided to attendees – so don’t worry about dinner that night, just show up and be ready for a great time!

How do I learn more?

We make announcements on this website and on @devto Twitter account. Follow us there for event announcements and updates.

Mailing list

Have you joined yet? Remember you get access to tickets a whole day before everybody else. It’s free and it’s the fastest way to get #DevTO tickets delivered to your inbox! Join our mailing list!

How can I present?

Email your topic to talks@devto.ca and we will pencil you in for an upcoming event. The talks are typically 15-20 min long followed by a brief Q&A session. Each month we pick two presentations: a non-technical one, and a technical one. Because the talks are short they are intended to be more of an overview of that topic to ignite interesting conversations about it during the rest of the evening.

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