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#DevTO: Building and Maintaining Design Systems


What is a Design System?
Defining what a Design System is and what it means for an organization can be tricky. In this talk, Catherine and Varun will take the conversation of Design Systems past style guides and component libraries. They will deep-dive into the various parts of the system and demonstrate how you can define a workflow and governance model around them, how you can leverage them to break down silos between development and design. They will also share their learnings from building and maintaining design systems over the past few years.

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#DevTO: Using Your Voice at Work & Getting Started with AWS ElasticSearch


Using Your Voice at Work – who’s doing it?! – Kyla Fox
Audience will learn about the power of using your voice and being vulnerable in relation to restrictions at work. This awareness is necessary to support mental wellbeing and career satisfaction. As Kyla is an eating disorder/mental health expert, she will explain how these restrictions manifest in one’s relationship to food and their body. Through almost two decades of experience as a clinical therapist, Kyla will invite audience members to learn about and recognize these patterns.

Kyla struggled severely with anorexia and an over-exercise addiction for most of the first half of her life. Due to the lack of immediate and ongoing services available in Toronto for those affected by eating disorders, she could not get the help she needed. In her recovery, she became determined to become the therapist that she would have always wanted to have had herself.
Over the many years of Clinical practice, Kyla saw a way to bridge the gaps in our Toronto system for those affected by eating disorders/disordered eating and women’s health. The Kyla Fox Centre is the first of it’s kind private Eating Disorder Recovery Centre and Women’s Wellness Centre. It is a place where people can receive the comprehensive and sound care that they require for their individual wellness.
Kyla is a Social Worker and Master’s level clinician. Before opening the Kyla Fox Centre in February of 2012, Kyla spent almost a decade in private practice along with running groups in the field. She is a public speaker, writer, educator, advocate and media expert for eating disorders/disordered eating and mental health. Because of the years of silence in her suffering, Kyla has made it her mission to get loud about changing the way we understand eating disorders and mental health in our culture.

Getting Started with AWS ElasticSearch – Amir Honarpour
How do you find a needle in a haystack? An introduction to AWS ElasticSearch. The what, the why, and the how.

Amir Honarpour is a lifelong learner and a Senior Developer at Klick Health. He’s worn multiple hats on small teams throughout his career and has worked on different aspects of web applications, from database and API design to frontend development. In his downtime he tinkers with prototypes, reads about tech, A.I., etc.


#DevTO: Building Serverless Pipelines & 12 Steps to Return to Work

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12 Steps to Return to work – Lisa Fenton **
Lisa Fenton is a Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (CSCMP), Supply Chain Manager and an advocate of championing women back to work with a focus on negotiating beyond salary.

Lisa enjoyed twelve years with her three boys at home in Bowmanville before going back to work.

Lisa ‘s website features published articles on her journey back to work,an interview on success strategies to return to work along with a link to a podcast “Creating an Effective Return to Work Plan” with Lisa Fenton,CSCMP.

Building Serverless Pipelines with Dan Van Brunt**

Dan Van Brunt is a Senior Director of Technology @KlickHealth ( based out of Toronto, Canada. He also writes about cloud solutions, serverless and infrastructure automation. When he is not tinkering with his personal home automation projects, he is also an active contributor to a number of related open source projects. A proud learner for life and gadget freak.

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Journey to the Center of TDD & Why Serverless Architecture is Changing the Game


Journey to the Center of TDD – Tuti Aniyi
Incorporating TDD can often be a perilous and ill-advised expedition. Let’s undertake the journey together by navigating through firsthand experience at a former start-up. The important lessons learned from your fellow adventurers will prepare you for the expedition of a lifetime!
Tuti Aniyi is a software developer who focuses on using technology to build quality products. With a passion for storytelling through various mediums, she currently champions quality & knowledge sharing initiatives at Shutterstock Custom. Additionally, she partners with organizations to drive social impact through technology; her varied experience spans the health, finance, art, media, and non-profit sectors.

Why Serverless Architecture is a game changer for companies wanting to build secure, scalable and cost-effective production ecosystems – Adam Hijleh
Adam Hijleh is the Co-Founder & CTO of Moregidge, a digital platform reinventing the home-buying experience. Prior to Moregidge, Adam spent the last 6 years of his career as an Engineering Team Lead at the ground floor of companies such as Flipp and Coinsquare, and helped scale them to the Canadian success stories they are. He played an instrumental role in laying the foundation for applications that continue to be used by millions of people everyday. Prior to joining the start-up tech scene, Adam spent several years at IBM with experience spanning across performance engineering, Big Data and full-stack development.   Purchase your tickets here

Join us for the 5th Annual IWDTO Event!

In our eight years #DevTO has worked diligently to organize timely, compelling, and engaging events for our tech-minded and developer community. In 2014, we set out to create one of our biggest and most poignant events yet: International Women’s Day Talks (#IWDTO). Five years later #IWDTO is a day we set the stage for women in tech to gather, speak and cheer with their allies.

Join 500 people on March 4th for an evening of tech and talks to celebrate IWD 2019!

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#IWDTO 2018: Join us for our 4th International Women’s Day Talks

In our seven years #DevTO has worked diligently to organize timely, compelling, and engaging events for our tech-minded and developer community. In 2015, we set out to create one of our biggest and most poignant events yet: International Women’s Day Talks (#IWDTO). A day we celebrate and set a stage for women in tech to gather, speak and cheer with their allies.

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#IWDTO 2017: Call for Speakers

In our six years as a successful monthly meetup in Toronto, #DevTO has worked diligently to organize timely, compelling, and engaging events for our tech-minded and developer community.

In 2015, we set out to create one of our biggest and most poignant events yet: International Women’s Day Talks (#IWDTO). A day we celebrate and set a stage for women in tech to gather, speak and cheer with their allies.

Past #IWDTO speakers have included talented women in technical roles at companies like TwittertwilioBitstrips, and Mozilla.

In March 2017, we renew our vows to support the movement, and hope you might join us too. We’d like to hear from you: we’re opening up a Call For Proposals to women in tech for our #IWDTO event. Are you in North America? Are you available March 6th, 2017? The primary theme is inspiration, with pinches of experience. Given the stage, what would you share with your community? That will be your job.

Our job? We will take care of all arrangements from transportation to accommodation. We will also provide a safe, inviting and inclusive space for you to speak and present. Lastly, Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world. As the fourth largest metropolitan area in North America, we have citizens from all corners of the globe. It’s important that our speakers reflect the fact.

You can submit a proposal here:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Think It. Code It. Gift It.


Are you a coder, designer or someone that loves to solve problems and find solutions?

Capital One Canada is kicking of a Hackathon on Friday, October 21, 2016 until Sunday, October 23rd, 2016. Join fellow coders, developers & designers as they problem solve & create solutions for six Toronto-based charities. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in a fun way! Participants will be put into teams of four to six people(or can sign up as a team) & challenged to create a technology solution for one of the charities involved. So come on out & make a difference.

It’s going to be hosted by Marc Saltzman at Brainstation in downtown Toronto. This is going to be a great opportunity to meet the developer community & partners of the hackathon. Charities being supported are Blake Boultbee, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Prosper Canada, Second Harvest, Toronto Pflag and Women’s Habitat.

Here is all the info you need to know for the Gift The Code Hackathon

WHEN: October 21st – October 23rd

WHERE: Brainstation, 460 King St. West (at Spadina), Toronto ON

WHY: Support accessibility for technology & innovation for the six charities!

WHAT: Hackathon – developers, designers & anyone with ideas come together to solve a problem through technology.

WHO: Capital One Canada with support from Hackworks & Brainstation.

So come out & support a great & unique hackathon experience while helping 6 charities make a difference & make an impact in your community! See you there.

Think It! Code It! Gift It!

For more information on the hackathon, or to sign up, visit

This post was sponsored by Capital One Canada.