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April 6th 10am – 7pm is Toronto’s Web Apps and Games Code-Along

On April 6th, we’re planning our second workshop alongside DevTOHTML5 TorontoTorontoJS and Make Web Not War. This one will focus on highlighting applications and games built using javascript and web technologies. We’ve got a couple of excellent speakers coming in from the local community.

Reserve your spot for $5 by March 30th and you can win an Xbox+Kinect bundle

Prerequisites. If you want to get the most out of this and other workshops it is recommended to install Windows 8. You can install it directly or host it in a Virtual Machine, including a Mac.You will want to install the tools and SDK and, if you get a chance, read Designing great games for Windows.If you don’t install anything, no worries, you will still be able to follow along. USB sticks and help will be available to get your computers ready to code-along.

Watch the online stream from the previous workshop

Submit your apps. If you think you have a great idea, we are having an application showcase competition where we will be giving away a Surface RT. Simply submit the URL of your idea hosted on a Microsoft platform (like the free trial of Azure) to where you will be added to a list of presenters to be given a 2 minute “Best At” style pitch where the audience will be the judge, not just the ones there but also those online. We will be streaming the whole event as well so you can have friends and colleagues help vote for you too.

Prizes. Ticket price will be $5 and for those that register by March 30th, you’ll be entered to win an Xbox & Kinect Bundle.

Code-along. Along with speakers throughout the morning, we will also have a code-along for developing Windows 8 applications using web tools. We’ll have experts on-hand to provide 1-1 support to answer questions about using frameworks, best practices for user experience, and server side solutions for managing your application’s data.

GeneXus Canada Free 2hr Workshop Feb 10th 2013

Do you want to build cross platforms apps? do you need to prototype something for a project quickly? Well in 1 hour Raul Esquivel from our Gold Sponsor Genexus Canada will demonstrate deploying a database solution in Java and .NET as well as creating cross platform apps. Sounds too good to be true? Well if you’re a student, developer, startup or corporation make sure you check out this event.

Register for a free 2 hour lunch workshop on February 10th at the ING Cafe

“Spot someone you know in our holiday email” contest

So we just sent out an email to our members wishing you a happy holiday…here’s a quick fun contest for you.

  1. Read the email we sent to our mailing list
  2. Try and spot someone you know in the pictures
  3. Tweet that person like this “Just got the @DevTO holiday email! I spot ….” and include whatever else you want after that:
    Ex. “Just got the @DevTO holiday email! I spot @naelshawwa in the red shirt!”

We’ll select  5 random winners who tweet that and send them a $10 voucher to Against The Grain Urban Tavern on Queens Quay! Contest end Dec 24th at noon.

Day Job: Being an entrepreneur in the Toronto ecosystem

The folks at Fidelity Format have been working non stop the past few months filming a documentary about the five startups in Extreme Startup‘s  Fall 2012 cohort. In their own words “it’s been extra nuts for us trying to capture everything that encompasses being an entrepreneur in the Toronto ecosystem”

DAY JOB – Sneak Peek from Fidelity Format on Vimeo.

We look forward to seeing this documentary hit the big screen soon! Enjoy the sneak peek above!

Our 2nd Annual #HoHoTO Ticket Giveaway

Just like last year we are giving away some tickets to #HoHoTO; the  party that was built on Twitter to raise funds for the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Here are 5 other ways you can help raise funds for thousands of people in the GTA. Did you know that 65,000 children rely on food banks in Toronto? 65,000!!! So we can all try and do our little part and that will make a big difference in many people’s lives!

Get your Tickets Now!

You can help buy purchasing tickets to #HoHoTO here or sponsoring. It’s a great event, for a great cause! Just do it now.
BUY Tickets

Or you can Donate

If you can’t make it, you can still donate. Just go to the site and click the big green “DONATE” button. It’s easy!

Contest Details

So here is how #DevTO is trying to help. Just like last year, we bought some tickets and will be giving them out in usual #DevTO fashion, i.e. on Twitter via some contest!

Contest #3 – Draw Sunday 11pm

Here’s how to enter the last contest:

  • Tweet this: I donated $5 to support GTA food banks, #hohoto and The Daily Bread
  • We can’t verify the $5 donation, so we’re just going by the honesty rule. It’s for a great cause so please do donate folks!
UPDATE: The winner is Tina D – @emilovadragneva. Congrats to you too!

Contest #2 – Draw Friday 11pm

Tweet this to enter the second contest:

  • More than 1million people come through the doors of GTA food banks in 2012. Donate or buy your tickets today #hohoto
UPDATE: The winner is Amy – @ameecq. Congratulations!

Contest #1 – Draw Wednesday 11pm

This one should be easy:

  • Show your holiday spirit by taking a festive picture of yourself and posting it to Twitter.
  • Make sure to include the hashtags #HoHoTO #DevTO.

This one should be fun! Let’s get things started! Winners will be posted here on Wednesday.

UPDATE: The winner is Alex Fleck – @discrepant. Congratulations Alex!




The Startup Kids Screening

Last month we accidentally stumbled upon a blog post for this documentary made in Iceland about young entrepreneurs. The trailer was really good and so here we are! Depending on how this goes we might arrange for another screening in Toronto. Let us know if you’re interested!

The Startup Kids is a documentary about young web entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Europe. It contains interviews with the founders of Vimeo, SoundCloud, Kiip, InDinero, Dropbox, Foodspotting and many others who talk about how they started their company and their lives as an entrepreneur.
The movie is made by two Icelandic entrepreneurs, Vala Halldorsdottir and Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir, who founded their first company shortly after the economic collapse of Iceland and wanted to motivate other young people to become entrepreneurs.

Event Details

When: Dec 5th, 2012 6pm
Where: 25 Dockside Drive Toronto, Ontario at Corus Entertainment – 8th floor


On Dec 5th we’re holding a different kind of event from the usual #DevTOs. Check out this awesome documentary made in Iceland about young entrepreneurs in the U.S and Europe.

Get your tickets

Also given that this is about young entrepreneurs it seemed natural to utilize a local Toronto startup for the ticket management. Thanks to Picatic for their support!

Last but not least thanks to our wonderful hosts and staff  that evening at Corus Entertainment!


#DevTO 18: Take it to the Edge and Email for Pirates

Mailing list

Have you joined yet? Remember you get access to tickets a whole day before everybody else. This month we event sent out some discount codes to other Toronto events like Startup Weekend, AndroidTO and Lean Startup Machine! It’s free and it’s the fastest way to get #DevTO tickets delivered to your inbox!
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If you missed last month’s speakers check them out here. We have Tom from Adobe and Tom from The Working Group this month talking about Pirates sending emails from the Edge of the world…or something like that : )
Don’t miss it! The full details are below! More tickets will be opened at 8pm on October 1st.
Get your tickets

Tom Green – Let’s Take It To The Edge

Tom GreenIn August of 2011, Adobe Edge was quietly offered on Labs and within a few days Adobe received a rather pleasant shock: Over 200,000 copies of the app had been downloaded and designers and developers were doing things with the app that Adobe had not even envisioned. Since then the application has undergone 7 revisions from an app that simply shoved pixels from here to there to one with a full compliment of pro grade tools that will appeal to everyone from hard core JavaScript programmers to designers looking for a visual motion graphics and interactivity application that get’s them into the HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript game.

Tom Green is also an Adobe Community Professional, a member of Adobe’s Higher Education Leader Program in the Post Secondary area and is a member of the Customer Advisory Boards for Flash Media Server, Fireworks and Edge at the Adobe Corporation.

Tom Walsham – Email for Pirates. Plunder your customers with lifecycle marketing

Dave McClure’s seminal talk ‘Pirate Metrics for Startups’ highlighted the key metrics by which startups live and die. By applying an understanding of your customer lifecycle, setting event-based triggers in your application and engaging with your customers via email, you can drive growth, retention and revenues across the lifecycle of your product.

Tom Walsham is the Product Manager and Chief Email Herder at PostageApp, as well as Director of Product Development at The Working Group. Over the past decade working in tech, his career has led from the blinkenlights of systems administration through a winding path working at and with startups on product development, metrics and marketing.


Headstart Solutions  is a social recruiting and career development agency. We specialize in social media recruiting on-demand and outsourcing solutions, using the latest social media tools and methodologies to engage, recruit, and stay in touch with the best talent.
You probaly have met Marc or Sue at some point in the past year, remember they spoke about personal branding and how to give awesome presentations? Marc and Sue are here to provide our community with personal branding tips,career advice, and exciting new job opportunities for FREE! Get in touch with us at for a FREE career coaching session!

Gold Sponsors

Extreme Startups
is the epicenter of innovation in Toronto and is dedicated to providing everything it takes to see its startups succeed!

Silver Sponsors

Mercatus Technologies enables retailers and advertisers to achieve competitive advantage, boost brand equity, and improve financial performance. Leveraging Mercatus’ smart shopping technology on a cross-channel marketing level, achieve the ultimate one-to-one relationship with shoppers throughout their buying cycle—from intent to influence to purchase.

Bronze Sponsors

In Kind Sponsors

FITC produces design and technology focused conferences and seminars worldwide which inspire, educate and challenge attendees.

What is a Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

Want a 15% discount code?

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Here’s a video preview of how all this goes down.

Startup Weekend Toronto is a non-profit event and all ticket proceeds go towards creating an awesome event for everyone to enjoy. Purchase your tickets here for their next weekend in Toronto from Nov 9th to Nov 11th 2012.

Kiinzel is looking for a Co-Founder / CTO

A few months ago we posted about Kiinzel in our Featured Startups. They’re now looking for a CTO/Co-Founder to help lead the evolution of their platform and lead their technical team on this journey. Check out the posting for this position on Startup North!

There’s a new kid on the block with speed and agility who passionately wants to disrupt traditional classified sites with a social commerce platform that’s intuitive, super fast and trustworthy. This new startup is an online person-to-person marketplace for trading, buying and selling unwanted items socially. This company’s mission is to turn anyone into an entrepreneur, while encouraging bartering through offline interactions for more sustainable living; their vision is to provide a vehicle for collaborative goal achievement – say what? Marlina Kinnersley, CEO, explains:

“Swapping happens all around us, between people all over the world throughout our lives because we want something we deem valuable that someone else has. Together we can trade our unused items for something we will treasure.”

Users will be able to create a store, post for free, specify their wish lists and ultimate goal, share their swap or sale items socially and achieve their goals through uptrading activity.

“Marlina has a really innovative and compelling concept here, and she is looking for some talented developers/coders who are excited about the intersection of social media and e-commerce.”

 Bohdan Zabawskyj, VP-Technology, Mercatus & Advisor.


Please contact Marlina Kinnersley at for further details.

Check out her About Me page – and connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Featured Startup: Tunezy


Tunezy is a Music Experience Marketplace. This Toronto based start-up company allows independent artists to pursue their passion for music, while allowing them to effectively monetize fan engagement. Users are able to earn Tunezy’s virtual currency called “Notes” by listening to, commenting on, and sharing music. They can then use these notes to “tip” artists and purchase experiences such as virtual concerts, concert tickets, and back stage passes.


“Tunezy is an idea that sprouted from what we viewed as trends and gaps in today’s music industry – record labels aren’t what they used to be and more musicians are now opting to stay independent. We’re hoping to create a new way for fans to enjoy and appreciate music and, support their favorite artists. We believe that artists can stay independent and still thrive by leveraging the social web. We are motivated by the individuals who are creating music and sharing it with the world and – we want to help” says Derrick Fung, CEO

Having won first place out of 80 teams at the National Business and Technology Conference in Toronto, they have continued to grow and impress. Currently featuring artists all over the world on the website, Tunezy is set to launch to the public in Fall 2012. For more information feel free to contact the team at or even better, see for yourself at and start discovering and supporting new artists today!