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April’s Featured Startup: Mega Traders

As part of growing and cultivating the #DevTO community we want to start featuring some of Toronto’s startups. This month we have selected Marlina Kinnersley’s new venture: Mega Traders.

There’s a new kid on the block with speed and agility who passionately wants to disrupt traditional classified sites with a social commerce platform that’s intuitive, super fast and trustworthy. This new startup is an online person-to-person marketplace for trading, buying and selling unwanted items socially. This company’s mission is to turn anyone into an entrepreneur, while encouraging bartering through offline interactions for more sustainable living; their vision is to provide a vehicle for collaborative goal achievement – say what? Marlina Kinnersley, CEO, explains:

“Swapping happens all around us, between people all over the world throughout our lives because we want something we deem valuable that someone else has. Together we can trade our unused items for something we will treasure.”

“Marlina has a really innovative and compelling concept here, and she is looking for some talented developers/coders who are excited about the intersection of social media and e-commerce.” Bohdan Zabawskyj, VP-Technology, Mercatus & Advisor.

Users will be able to create a store, post for free, specify their wish lists and ultimate goal, share their swap or sale items socially and achieve their goals through uptrading activity.

“We are a ‘stealth startup’, looking for a team to help create a prototype/MVP model to demonstrate the viability and market demand for the concept”, the CEO says.

Please contact Marlina Kinnersley at for further details.

Check out her About Me page – and connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

What is a #DevTO Ticket worth to you?

When #DevTO started out it was the four of us pitching in together to cover the expenses of holding an event, of course back then we didn’t know where we are going with this and just went with the flow. Today we have sponsors that help us cover those expenses.

We have some big plans for 2012 including more events, hackathons, full day events, more speakers, etc. To fund these big plans we need to consider charging for tickets. Everything we have done thus far at #DevTO was driven by feedback from the community. Location, food, presentation length, topics, etc.


So please help us answer this question: What would you pay for an evening that includes 2 presentations, pizza and drinks amongst Toronto’s broad developer and designer community? $5? $10? $15?

Have a safe and happy long weekend folks!


The #DevTO Crew!

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#HoHoTO Contest 1 Winner: @iAmJazzy

We had all these entries to our first contest but alas there can be only one winner. Thanks to all these people that entered and or retweeted!

Congratulations to @iamjazzy for winning our first #HoHoTO Ticket!

@iamjazzy was selected via a random draw on


Don’t forget – we have another contest on going RIGHT NOW! Please read the rules and post your festive #DevTO pics to support #HoHoTO!

Jo Handy Thoughts – Toronto Developer Community

As you may know by now, I co-organize DevTO with Nael, Chris and Kevin. I am probably the most opposite and have the least amount experience in coding of the talented group. To be honest the extent of coding is theblinktag for me. The purpose of me joining this group is to bring my event organizing experience to the helm of 3 pretty darn good coders. I have enough experience in organizing events from big to small with my work experience. I’ve also organized over 40 tweetups and love the social aspect of these type of events. I’m hoping to bring a mix of devs and regular people who do not code into the mix to learn. It’s also a great way to learn about myself and working as a team which has been rewarding. We’ve actually had a surprising increase in “females” joining our events which is a good thing for the developer community as a whole and our attendance and interest continues to increase.

That being said, it’s great to have DevTO as part of the Developer community to help encourage learning and build synergies and networks of developers, designers and much more. With many other events in Toronto such as “Ladies Learning Code” and “AndroidTO” of recent this bodes well for Toronto Tech community. DevTO is giving many a free opportunity to learn from industry experts, meet with recruiters and give first time presenters the chance to present and gain experience in a casual atmosphere. The most favourable thing about the DevTO sessions is the sense of community and helpfulness of those that attend. There seems to be a friendly collaboration in learning which is the opposite of others in such places as Silicon Valley. We hope to continue and evolve DevTO as technology changes. If you ever have suggestion or want to contribute please let us know.


Thanks for following DevTO and see you at the next event! :-)


Joallore Alon

Thinkwrap and Rypple Join #devTO’s Sponsorship Team


Our list of sponsors has grown again this time with two from our constantly expanding audience. Thank you Rypple and ThinkWrap for supporting us in bringing this event to the Toronto Dev community!

After last month’s success, #devTO is on the verge of getting the sixth edition down.Thanks to Mark Reale and Khori Armstrong of Bnotions, and Craig Wilson. for their presentations, #devTO Sprint 5 was quite inspiring! After a surprising fifth, we’ve decided to go at it again this month!

Rypple is a social performance platform built for teams to share goals, recognize great work, and help each other improve. With Rypple, performance management becomes painless and effective.

ThinkwrapA team of outstanding software developers, engineers, architects, strategists, and designers whose ability to create responsive web environments serving 100,000 users doesn’t stop them from architecting for millions as if they were one.Our strong community of purpose is built on our clients’ lasting business success.

And of course, Richmond Day for coming in with the venue support, as always!

- The #devTO folks.