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Reaching a new audience in less than 10 minutes and How Closure Compiler can help protect your IP

To all those who braved it out in the cold: thanks for attending our event last month. Too bad we can’t control random acts of God. As for the videos and presentations: these will be forthcoming. Now, for our second #devto this year!

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Got 10 minutes? Let’s see how BlackBerry can explain how to capture mobile experiences in this time frame. Also, IP closures.
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Reaching a new audience in less than 10 minutes – Manny Elwar

Many mobile developers these days focus their efforts on only a single platform, limiting the potential gains of an entirely new audience.  These same developers are also unaware of how much existing resources they can reuse to reach that audience in a short period of time. Join BlackBerry Developer Evangelist Manny Elawar as he walks you through some of the key ways you can start developing for multiple mobile platforms from the very start with little overhead.

Manny Elawar travels the globe in the hopes of finding talented developers eager to pursue new opportunities on the new and exciting BlackBerry 10 Platform. Manny’s technical background primarily includes C/C++ development for simulation tools, specifically in the areas of Mobile Device Management, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and VoIP. He has an educational background in Software Engineering and Business Administration. 

How Closure Compiler can help protect your IP

Sharing can be a good thing. But would you “borrow” a box of Blu-ray movies from Best Buy and share them with your friends? Of course not. Unfortunately, when it comes to purely digital assets like proprietary databases, some people consider it open season to share what does not belong to them.
Our small firm, which owns and licenses proprietary databases, faces this threat on a daily basis. We’ll describe some techniques we use, including Google Closure Compiler, to protect our IP and the integrity of our online system.

Kevin Macdonald is a partner with Loxcel, a geomatics consulting firm whose online tools and products help clients in the cellular and brewing industries.


Save $100 with discount code DEVTO

3 days worth of inspiration, creativity and partying with 75 digital creators! Register here to get at this cool $100 off FITC.

60% off with discount code HACKERNESTLOVESDEVTO


HackerNest Construct: Mind and Motion is coming up February 23rd! A 24-hour programming competition focused on creativity and innovation using technology; not business plans, commercial viability nor monetization!

Canada’s Largest Javascript Conference

Join us for the 2nd annual jQuery conference in Toronto on March 15th-16th for a 2 day series with international speakers including Matt Seeley, Dave Methvin, Darcy Clarke, Wes Bos, Nahim Nasser and many more!


Community is a dynamic and audacious, vertically integrated agency representing the digital, social, production and experiential arms of Pulp&Fiber. The Community is a multilingual, digitally focused agency with traditional expertise working on a variety of high level brands in the lifestyle sector. Community works with international clients in the Canadian market to create global partnerships that are mutually beneficial and directly support the business needs of the brands they represent.

Gold Sponsors

Myplanet Digital emerged in 2009 with a commitment to unifying meaningful user experience design with technical excellence. We’re a quickly growing team of over 90 designers, developers, and business types headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We embrace everything digital, but design and build primarily for web, mobile, and tablet form factors.

Digital Ocean is simple cloud hosting that is built for developers. Deploy an SSD cloud server in 55 seconds! We take the complexities out of cloud hosting by offering blazing fast, on-demand SSD cloud servers, straightforward pricing, a simple API, and an easy-to-use control panel. You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to create a cloud server. Setup is super quick and painless.

Silver Sponsors

YellowAPI is the go-to resource for location-based applications. Our curated local search API is built off of the strength of the Yellow Pages database of over 1.5 million geo-localized Canadian business listings and associated rich content. Not only is it free, but we offer ways for you to make money fast. We provide the tools, you provide the ideas and the talent. To get more information and sign up for a free developer account, visit the YellowAPI website at

Mercatus Technologies enables retailers and advertisers to achieve competitive advantage, boost brand equity, and improve financial performance. Leveraging Mercatus’ smart shopping technology on a cross-channel marketing level, achieve the ultimate one-to-one relationship with shoppers throughout their buying cycle—from intent to influence to purchase. Check out their career page – they’re hiring PHP developers!

Do you hire people for their qualifications, qualities or potential? Making the right choice is a skill that’s refined over time, it’s a matter of experience. You can learn as you go or work with professionals with a proven track record. The Laudi Group knows all about talent. Our consulting packages and products are designed to attract and select proven performers for Canada’s emerging tech companies. We’ve got more than one answer to the challenges of building great teams.

New Year, New DevTO – A recap of our first event in 2014!

Happy Monday! 

Last week we had our very first DevTO event of 2014! What a great time, too. We brought together a great group of new and old faces and learned a little bit about Scaling WordPress on a budget with Alan Lok and the future of file sharing + the private cloud with Ziyan Hossain. Both speakers have been long time DevTO attendees, and it was great to open the year with them! It was an evening of good beer, talks and lively debate. 
Alan Lok’s presentation, “Scaling WordPress for the world on a (relatively small) budget”, brought to light the challenges he faced when creating the wordpress-based site Walk - a site with the aim of ending slavery across the globe. His talk touched on AWS use, redefining cloud hosting use, and how to manage a workload while being aware of your budget. 
If you’re interested in learning more, Alan has posted an in-depth blog on his talk
Ziyan Hossain, from qnext brought some interesting thoughts on file sharing and the private cloud. The talk, entitled “How the private cloud can help improve access & security”, grapples with the issues that sharing poses for us in the future. How will the multitude of emerging devices change how we share and how we protect ourselves? We will be posting Ziyan’s talk here, so check it out!
The photos are up and you can peek them here and here.
And as always, thank you to Wave Accounting for their amazing space. Also, Matthew Potter of HTML 5 and Make Web Not War for bringing his gear. You guys rock! 
Thanks to our sponsors and to our amazing community, we are sure that 2014 is going to be an amazing year!
See you next month,

The Hackernest Inaugural Hackathon: CONSTUCT!

Our friends next door, Hackernest, are hosting a hackathon next month!

The Hackernest inaugural hackathon is Feb 22-23 - with a “next gen interface devices” theme. HNC is judging is based entirely on creativity and the innovative use of technology, not business plans or commercial viability. We’ll have hardware for you or you can bring your own.

Details: $10 for students, and a ridiculous 60% discount code for our DevTO friends:HACKERNESTLOVESDEVTO. Early bird tickets going fast – ZOMGhurry!

Come out to #devto, this month, for a chance to win a team pass to enter the hackathon!

Scaling WordPress & How the private cloud can help improve access and security

Obviously, it’s the start of the year and #devto’s back to ring in the… oh wait: we’re a bit late for THAT party. Come to ours instead! At Wave Accounting

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#devto comes out swinging this month! What a great way to start the year! Get your tickets

Scaling WordPress for the world and on a (relatively small) budget – Alan Lok

WordPress deployments are mostly on a single LAMP stack, but what happens when you have been asked to help scale WordPress to handle an international press release? In October 2013, Alan deployed the Global Slavery Index for the Walk Free Organization (the world’s largest anti-slavery movement with an international audience). This presentation will discuss the technologies and strategies utilized in this deployment.

Alan Lok is currently the developer advocate at Yellow Pages Group, responsible for community outreach for YellowAPI. In his spare time he cycles, dabbles in DevOps work and teaches piano. Alan is obsessed with gadgets and always try to find the latest tech ‘toy.’ His most recent purchase was the Recon Jet.

Multiple Devices: Increasing fragmentation of data & decreasing security of information – Ziyan Hossain

The increasing prevalence of smartphones, tablets, ultra books, public cloud providers, phablets and other devices with unfortunate monikers has led to widespread fragmentation of data across devices and platforms. With this fragmentation comes reduced security. The talk will cover ways in which the private cloud can help improve access and security for both consumers and corporations alike.

Ziyan specializes in experiential and social media/inbound marketing, along with product development. He has a wealth of experience in developing creative strategies and technological solutions for organizations ranging from the Canadian government to America’s Next Top Model. He has also worked on a number of award winning projects in the web and music sphere. he was a recipient of the University of Toronto’s Hart House “Good Ideas Fund” and has also worked with OOHLALA mobile. His travels have allowed him to build up a global network and he has been invited on numerous occasions to speak about social media and technology at Universities such as McGill and the University of Toronto of which he is a graduate.

In his free time Ziyan is a professional musician and has performed extensively around the world. He is also an accomplished napper.

OANDA is hiring!

Happy Sunday (and happy December 1st!). Just throwing out a little note to let you know that one of our sponsors, OANDA is hiring! 
OANDA is “a world leader in online forex trading and currency services”, and has been featured in “Wired’s 10 Non-California Tech Companies You Wish You Worked For” list
They are currently looking for a passionate and motivated engineer to join their team as a Web Team Lead. Find out more information and other job postings here on their site (also, check out the awesome perks you get from working with them. Free lunches!)

The DevTO Team 

EVENT RECAP – Wrapping up 2013 with Codeproject and IdeaNotion

This past Monday was our last DevTO of 2013. And what a great time! Polar Mobile hosted us and as always, showed us a great time. We were well-met with great friends and sponsors, and we even had a special guest appearance from the famous Gary Vaynerchuck! Gary stopped by (via video) to give #DevTO and the T.O. tech community a bit shout-out. The video is featured in our post here: 


We welcomed Carrie Davis-Sydor and Sean Ewington to give our first presentation on behalf of Codeproject, one of the first coding communities in the world! 

Codeproject incase you hadn’t heard (which we are sure you have), is a wonderful resource for computer programmers of any level. Rich with articles and quick tips and tricks, you can copy and paste code straight from the site. Founded and based in Toronto, Codeproject boasts a grand library of helpful information and tons of contests with an emphasis on a community sharing culture. We were so happy to have them come in and talk to us, especially since they are celebrating their 14th year and their 10 millionth member! Check out their site and community here and their new Codeproject.TV initiative!

Our second speaker was Michael Siu and Raymond Tsang from IdeaNotion. A lover of all things open (open source, open data, open gov… etc.), IdeaNotion is a lean software consulting firm. They came to speak to us about an easy tool they’ve created for you to use: IdeaPress. “a platform that empowers the transformation of WordPress websites into mobile apps” Create a feature rich app through a step-by-step creator. Michael showed us an alternative approach to handling buggy apps and showed us how an hybrid app (native & HTML5) could automatically push updates directly to users without republishing the app. Check out the Github on IdeaPress here.

A big thank you (again) to Polar Mobile for hosting, and a big thank you to our event photographers, Chow Productions. We have posted our event photos here and here. Try and find your face!

See you at the Toronto Tech Social Wrap Up on December 3rd. Grab your tickets for only $10.00! There will be GREAT prizes you guys can win (and support the Toronto Tech Community and Daily Bread Food Bank.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Community Agency
Microsoft Canada
Kendo UI

And our in-kind sponsors:

Holly Lews (thanks for the amazing cookies!) 

The DevTO Team thanks you, Toronto Tech community for making each and every one of the last Mondays of each month more amazing than the last. Here’s to 2013, and here’s to what’s to come in 2014!



Gary Vaynerchuk: Keep up the phenomenal hard work Toronto!

Gary sends a shout to the #DevTO community and the Toronto tech community at large to keep up the hustle and the phenomenal hard work!

Gary for those that don’t know is the founder of, WineLibrary TV and more recently Vayner Media.

Gary’s last book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Book: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World comes out November 26th. Learn more about the book and Gary at

World of Webcraft

Hey everyone, earlier this week we announced our new gold sponsor, Myplanet Digital is hosting a great series that could land you a job! If you’re looking to improve your skill set and brush up on your web developer and Drupal know-how, you should check out the World of Webcraft educational program.

More information is supplied below:

Myplanet is piloting an exciting FREE educational program beginning in January.  World of Webcraft is part-time, 12 week offering that welcomes junior web developers and freelancers who are looking to enhance their skill sets.

For the first month of Webcraft, participants will learn the basics of the Myplanet development process and project lifecycle. Using Drupal as our content management platform, hands-on exercises and challenges in class will deliver a thorough understanding of this open source framework. Beyond the first month, learners who exhibit a solid grasp of the concepts may be invited to take part in the “play & earn” phase for the remaining 8 weeks of the program. They’ll work on real client tasks that will support Myplanet production teams and will be compensated for their work. It’s an unparalleled opportunity gain first-hand, paid development experience with the guidance of skilled mentors.

Webcraft classes will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9AM-5PM at Myplanet’s brand spankin’ new office downtown Toronto. Successful completion of the program could lead to a full-time employment opportunity at Myplanet. Anyone interested in applying can get in touch with


Welcome Myplanet Digital!

We are very pleased to announce that Myplanet Digital is a new Gold Sponsor! Welcome to the team guys. Thanks for supporting DevTO and the Toronto Tech community. Cheers to you!

Myplanet Digital is a design & technology company that “specializes in the practice of envisioning, designing & building digital products.” To find out more about this great company, check out their site (it’s pretty fabulous). Also, they’re hiring!

The DevTO Team

arkOS: Should Google be Afraid?

What exactly IS arkOS? It’s a Linux-based server OS that runs on Raspberry Pi hardware with hopes to expand to other platforms eventually. arkOS is meant to be an OS that replaces all of Google’s services – from email to chat, file sharing and web hosting, arkOS purports to do all the things that Google or any other cloud company can do… securely.

How did this start? When Google Reader was shut down, arkOS founder 23-year-old Jacob Cook decided to build something reliable that is not subject to shutting down:

“Google, while it is a great service that has done wonderful things for the Web, is showing some troubling signs,” … “Their shutdown of Google Reader earlier this year means that none of the services [we] rely upon are sacrosanct if they are not profitable enough for them.” 

Cook has crafted an open-source Genesis application - so anyone can download and run arkOS. Check it out and if you like it, make sure to donate to Cook’s crowd funding campaign.