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Turn Your WordPress into a Windows 8 App!

Do you own a WordPress blog? Are you interested in Windows 8? Say hello to “IdeaPress”!

IdeaNotion’s IdeaPress is an open source wizard that allows you to transform your WordPress blog into a Windows Store App in minutes! In 5 easy steps, you can get your new app up and running.

IdeaPress is on its second version and is primarily constructed using HTML5, WinJS, and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).

When you sign up for IdeaPress, you not only get a new app, but you get a FREE developer account with Windows!

Interested in finding out more? Check out the app generator tool on the IdeaPress site and e-mail for the lowdown on how you can get $50.00! 



GitHub - IdeaPress


The DevTO Team

Calling all Startups‚ Students‚ Developers and Designers!

The App Pitch competition is coming to MaRS Discovery District in Toronto on January 29th‚ 2013!

What is The App Pitch?

The App Pitch is the opportunity to show the Toronto startup‚ student and developer community YOUR app ideas for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Register to pitch your app as an individual or as a team of two. You will have three minutes to pitch your app idea to a team of amazing judges. The judges will then select six finalists‚ based on the judging criteria. Those teams will then pitch to the audience who will decide the top 3 apps who will receive a spot in the elevator to pitch your startup to investors during the International Startup Festival Elevator World Tour.

The first 20 people at the door for The App Pitch on January 29th will receive a discount code to register for a complimentary pass to attend the International Startup Festival Elevator World Tour stop in Toronto on January 31st. Although‚ you must register in advance of the event to receive the discount code!

Finally‚ bring your hardware with you as Microsoft representatives will be in attendance to conduct a Developer Installfest! Get support from experts to set up your machine with all the necessary developer tools‚ SDKs‚ code samples and more to get started on your app!

How Do I Get Started?

If you prefer I not forward you these types of communications‚ just let me know. To learn how to manage your contact preferences for other parts of Microsoft‚ please read our Privacy Statement.

Good luck to all those pitching apps and please reach out to me at if you have any questions!

The Windows Store Opportunity–Why You Should Care

Here’s a post from Paul Laberge on Windows 8:

You’re an app developer because you build software. Maybe your software is targeted at the web. Maybe it’s targeted at Android, iOS, Blackberry or some other mobile platform. Maybe it’s server-based or cloud-based. It could be Mac OS X, Linux or (yes) even Windows. Regardless of where you build your software or where that software resides in its end state, you clearly are an app developer.

As you can tell, there are lots of options for you to deliver your vision and it’s very possible your app is targeting more than one platform. With the release of Windows 8 last week, another platform is available to you and as a result your options have grown. Windows 8 is not the Windows that you have used in the past. The slogan used at Microsoft is “Windows, Reimagined” and it truly is. If you have not seen Windows 8 in action, you can check out some videos here or you can even download a 90 day trial of the operating system here.

So why should you care about Windows 8 as an app developer? There are several reasons that may make sense and appeal to you:

  • Windows has a very large install base and that user base appears to be upgrading to Windows 8 in large numbers
  • Windows 8 has a built in app store called the Windows Store that will get your app noticed more effectively
  • You can build Windows Store apps with the skills you already know and use (you can build truly native Windows Store apps in HTML/JS/CSS, C++, C# and VB).

How you can get started

Your time is limited so we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get started building Windows Store apps. Below are the resources you’ll want to look at:

  • Windows Store app design site: Visit this site to get guidance on how to design your app’s experience and flow. This site will challenge you to define what your app is awesome at and make it a focus for your UI and app experience.
  • Windows Store app developer site: The one-stop shop for getting the SDK and free tools needed for building your Windows Store app. Also on this site are literally thousands of code samples that you can use in your apps or to learn from (in all supported platform languages).
  • The Windows Store portal: The main web portal for the Windows Store. This site has guidance for iOS developers, Android developers, web developers and others on how to port their apps to the Windows Store.
  • Woot Studio: Microsoft Canada’s blog focusing on app development and design. Get tips and tricks from Microsoft Canada’s developer division on how to build great app experiences.

You’re invited to Windows 8 Pure Imagination

You may have received an invitation via the #devTO Meetup group regarding Microsoft Canada’s premier Windows Store app development conference called Pure Imagination. It is being held in Toronto on November 24-25, 2012 and this conference will give you all the in-person guidance you need to get a head start on building your Windows Store app.

The conference is free and is packed with some of the best developers presenting how to build amazing Windows Store apps. It’s also pretty exclusive as we are being selective as to who gets to attend and as a member of #devTO, you’re in the “in-crowd”. Are you in? Great – you can register here!

There might be a few cool surprises there as well. So if you are thinking of passing on attending, give it a second thought; you might be happy you did.

Join the Developer Movement

If you think there is a good opportunity for you in building apps for the Windows Store, then that’s great! Even if you don’t, you may want to look at this extra incentive program we are running in Canada for building and publishing Windows Store apps (as well as Windows Phone apps and Windows Azure services). You can check out the Developer Movement site here for more info.

Have questions? No problem.

If you have questions, we’re here to answer them. My name is Paul Laberge, a GTA-based Technical Evangelist for Microsoft and focused on our app platform (Windows 8, Windows Phone and Windows Azure). If you want to talk to me, you can email me or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn – give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help!