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Want to present at an upcoming #DevTO?

We’re always accepting speakers at #DevTO. Here’s why you should present:

  • Share your knowledge with other developers and designers
  • Learn more about the topic you’re presenting. You never know what you’ll be asked about it.
  • Test run a presentation with our audience of about 100 and get some feedback about your talk and how to improve it.
All you have to do is:
  1. Send your topic to We will let you know when we can schedule it. Typically we plan our speaker’s schedules 6+ months in advance.
  2. Send a brief description of the topic, your bio and a picture for us to post on the first Monday of the month you’re presenting. We will remind you when the date gets closer.
  3. Send us the slides to Unless you don’t want to we would post these up on our Slideshare account for everybody to view later.

What about the audience and time?

  1. We usually do two talks. One without code, and another with code.
  2. There will be around 200 people split between developers and non-developers around 60%-40%.
  3. Presentations are about 15-20min with Q&A.

Who to talk to if I want to sponsor?

Help us bring this event to the Toronto developer community. We have plans to grow this event in Toronto and elsewhere and can use all the support we can get. Please get in touch with us regarding any of these sponsorship packages.


Why should you sponsor this?

Here are some reasons besides feeling good by helping a grass roots organization for Toronto’s developers to meet and network each and every month

  • We have been doing this since April 2011 and have successfully built a solid and engaged developer community in Toronto.
  • We attract around 200 techies to each of our monthly events
  • Our tweets and hashtag #DevTO reaches about 150,000 people a month. We get more than 3000 visits to the website from Toronto.
  • The hashtag #DevTO trends in Toronto on event day and sometimes in Canada as well!



10 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello,

    I am not sure if I de-RSVP’d or not, but I won’t be able to make it tonight. I don’t see myself on the guest list so I assume I have. If not please remove me.

    Having said that, I would be totally down for attending the next one, so please keep me in the loop.

    Please let me know that you received this email. I also can’t seem to find any emails from ‘’, so I also wanted to confirm that I’m getting emails from you guys.

    Thanks, Paul.

  2. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to give you a quick heads up in regards to your ‘About Us’ section. It looks to me like you have a lot more than just developers showing up to these things, so the ‘About Us’ is a little misleading. Just a thought.

  3. Hi DevTO peeps! My co-worker heard about you through a recent LLC event. I need to hire someone with Dynamics CRM chops and I am kind of at sea regarding how to reach the right person. Can you suggest a job board/means to reach a CRM consultant/developer/IT support/excellent person who wants to work in the music biz? Any advice deeply appreciated. Cheers.

  4. hi there, i’m new to the development community. i’m a user experience designer and came across your group through a google search in an effort to connect to the local development community. although i do not currently have any code experience, i am fascinated by the things that developers create and being a creative myself am interested in how i can learn how to translate my ideas into something tangible.

    i read that you have a meetup on the last monday of every month. i didn’t see any event for the coming monday, feb 24 so am wondering if it is still happening. if so i’d like to join. do i need to purchase any tickets or is this a free event i can show up to.

    please let me know the meetup location and time.

    really looking forward to meeting other creatives in the city.


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