The 416 – Episode 21: Space Grey Edition

On this week’s episode of the show, I’m joined by iOS game developer and Mozillian Darrin Henein!

Darrin is one half of the team that created the highly addictive and super fun iOS game Lastronaut (well over a million downloads) in his spare time, while spending his days working on the mobile version of Firefox for Android and iOS!

We talk a lot about what it’s like to work on something in your sparce time, how to keep motivated to work on it, how to know when that thing your making is ready to be used by the rest of the world and what’s it’s like to have something exceeed your wildest expectations

Darrin also get’s a little inside baseball with the processes, tools and tricks that Mozilla uses to co-ordinate and manage a large distributed team.

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#AppStrategy Workshops – July 14th 2015


Join the App Developers Alliance for an App Strategy Workshop in Toronto on Tuesday, July 14. Attendees will:

  • Gain key insights from app industry leaders, such as OpenX, Millennial Media, Pollen, and more.

  • Learn how to boost user acquisition, increase revenue, and build a successful app startup.

  • Network with speakers and attendees after the workshop (Beer, wine, and appetizers served).

  • Have the chance to win a Nexus 9 tablet!

We hope to see you there! Register for free. Space is limited, sign up today!


Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 | 5:30-9 PM

Location: One Eleven, 111 Richmond St. W, Suite 5, Toronto, ON M5H 2G4 (map)

The 416 Show – Episode 20: Accidental Nap Podcast

Nael is back for this week’s episode of the show!

We talk about a range of topics including Ramadan and how Nael is dealing with his coffee addiction while not being able to eat or drink during the day, roman numerals, show titles and various other meanderings.

The main topic of the episode turned out to be productivity, one of Chris’s (and it turns out Nael’s) interests and passions. From personal productivity to productivity at work and the tools we use to try and achieve productivity.

We also touch on last week’s episode of the show where Chris got to talk to Drew Minns, and near the end of the show we discuss the new DevTO Code of Conduct.

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The 416 Show – Episode 19: Listen, The Internet’s In Beta

On this week’s episode of the show Chris is joined by Drew Minns! Drew is an instructor at HackerYou here in Toronto, husband and an all around smart guy!

We talk about education, being senior developers and what that means to us as creators as well as covering topics like productivity, time management and mentoring. The type and style of teaching that Drew does at HackerYou, and Drew even asks Chris a few questions (which Chris may not have been expecting!)

Near the end of the episode we get into some meta topics around being a developer, a topic that I am particularily intersted in.

Big thanks to Drew for joining me this week, go let him know how much you liked it on twitter!

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We really do hope you enjoy the show, if you have any questions, comments or feedback feel free to email

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  • #DevTO – Because you don’t just write code.


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Hack The 6: Toronto’s First Creative Hackathon

On June 19th, teams of artists, developers, and dreamers are invited to collaborate Toronto’s first creative hackathon. Groups will be competing to build the most innovative product as judged by a panel of city creatives for a chance to win $10,000. Throughout the event there will be an art exhibition and a live DJ.

More info and registration here:



Partnering with 14 other cities around the world, Fishackathon Toronto 2015 will be challenging coders to help identify issues facing the ocean, fish and fisheries around the globe and to develop mobile and technological solutions to these real-world problems.

At the end of the weekend, teams will be able to present the solutions to their completed challenges to a judging panel. Winners will be chosen locally before being judged internationally for the grand prizes and local runners up will be selected for local prizes.

Whether you are a save the ocean crusader or don’t know the difference between a rock and a jellyfish; an amateur coder or a technology expert you can join Fishackathon Toronto 2015!

More info and registration here:

Unifying Product, Business, Design & Dev / 5 Steps to Outrank Your Competitors Online

The most challenging aspect of building products is the iteration of processes for the individuals and teams within an organization. From a development and design perspective, this is key to nail for focussed and efficient teams, and even more so when incorporating product management and the business behind products.

Our focus at Design Cofounders began with alleviating risks in product design and development by creating frameworks to ground our processes. These frameworks find themselves living in project management tools like Asana, in our standard operations written on Medium, as well as within the Design Kits that we create to standardize the product processes.
The business success of our company, as well as the clients that work with us hinges on maximizing opportunities and alleviating risks. It’s a simple concept, and one that we do independently in our day to day, and hopefully, in groups during meetings. But even in agile, and scrum, it’s not done contextually across all people and departments.
Lailee Soleimani and Mustefa Jo’shen from Design Cofounders are going to share examples of DC’s design kits, and provide an overview of how opportunities and risks can be interconnected throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from design, right down to technical decision making and implementation.

Lailee Soleimani is currently a Designer-in-Residence with Design Cofounders, leading internal research and development projects to strategically enhance the efficiency of studio and education efforts.

Mustefa Jo’shen is the Founder and CEO at Design Cofounders, where we’re assembling a team of developers, strategists, and designers to impact change.

Design Cofounders works with startups and organizations to achieve their business goals through the design of digital products. We also offer accessible courses on design thinking, entrepreneurship, product design, and product management for individuals and organizations via DC Edu. Our social impact mandate is “Design Makes Change”, and we use this to lead our initiatives across everything that we do.

SEO is a complex task, but a MUST for any business! Get the most out of your time and effort by following the 5 steps to SEO success. Bassem Ghali (Founder & Head of Client Strategy of Green Lotus Marketing Agency) will walk you through the most important organic search engine ranking factors, including how to detect and fix site errors, selecting the most effective keywords for your business, spying on competitors to learn about their strategy, building your backlink strength and developing online authority!

Bassem Ghali is a search engine marketing strategist and speaker with more than 8 years of experience managing online marketing strategies for some of Canadian’s largest corporations including Canadian Tire, Direct Energy, and Toronto Star – New in Homes. Demonstrated success in online marketing has led to speaking engagements at various events including Search Engine Strategies (SES) Toronto, University of Toronto, Ryerson University, Humber College, American Marketing Association, SOHO Business Expo, Online Revealed Canada Conference, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and more.

Bassem is the driving force behind Green Lotus and has an knack for creating innovative online marketing strategies for medium, large businesses and non-profits. With a desire to support the community and increase awareness of local community non-profit organizations and charities.


•   You must be 19 years or over to attend this event


Fashion Meets Technology at the Ryerson Fashion Zone Hack’n’Talk

Our friends at the Ryerson Fashion Zone are hosting their second annual Hack’n’Talk May 1st to 3rd! The event is a three day conference and collaborative hacking session for fashion-inspired technology projects. This year’s focus will be on the style surrounding wearable technology. During the event, attendees will have the chance to attend workshops on Practical Aesthetics and Colour Theory, hear from industry experts, meet past winners, and play with cool tools to experiment, create, and innovate in fashion technology.

The event is open to developers, designers, and entrepreneurs and is a great opportunity to test startup ideas, build your network, and meet industry experts.

Want to attend? Friends of DevTO can get 20% off their registration using code HNTCOMMUNITY

Have questions? Want to volunteer? Reach out to the Hack’n’Talk team at

The 416: Episode 9 – Lot’s Of Things Have Changed

Download Episode 9 – Lot’s Of Things Changed

On this weeks episode:

  • Chris & Nael talk about being developers & dad’s
  • We discuss being a developer plus all the other things that come with it these days (writing, blogging speaking etc)
  • Keep moving and get out of the way

Hope you enjoy it!

Show Notes