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A Chat with Jason Carlin, Organizer of #HoHoTO

Jason Carlin and his date to HoHoTO

Jason Carlin has had his hands involved with HoHoTO for just about three years now, and even before that, it was a social event that held special meaning for him.

“One of my closest friends has always been a part of [HoHoTO],” he says. “It helped me solidify friendships that only existed in social media, we connected in real life.”

He described hanging out with and meeting people that have become close friends and coworkers. As for the motivation for becoming a volunteer, and then an organizer, he said it was the kind of party he wanted to have.
“Ive been a part of organizations, companies, where, you go to the office party and its nice, kind of fun, but this is the best of that, with so many cool people and the Hangover Auction, and lots of cool prizes.”

He gives a lot of credit to the sponsors, like #DevTO, for making the event such a huge success year over year. “The tech community has been really supportive from the start. A lot of the founders came from tech, and the marketing only really happens on social media, so its amazing.”

The sponsors have provided gifts for prizes, as amazing as vacations and, his personal favourite, voice lessons. This year they’re in line to give out cell phones, restaurant vouchers, club subscriptions, tech toys and more. He also mentioned one really cool prize that is in the works. Believe me when I say, whoa.

Jason was especially thankful to the Mod Club: “They’re being super generous, every year. They donate the space and staff, it’s really huge.”

It’s easy to forget that it’s not just one giant party, but that it also is incredibly helpful to the Daily Bread Food Bank. It’s one of the main motivations for Jason to be a part of it every year.
“We’re living in a city that’s not doing all it can for the people. Just to be able to do this, for a really good cause.. this can really help.”
It really does. Last year HoHoTO raised $40,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank, and has raised $300,000 to date.
Jason said he would really love to match last year’s fundraising total, and for people to come out and have fun; they’ve got lots of cool things planned for partygoers, so all attendees are guaranteed to enjoy themselves.
“Last year we had Panago Pizza come on board and do a midnight Pizza Drop. This year, donations will allow you to request a song on Tilt. So I’m expecting hours worth of ‘Shake It Off’.”
It’s going to be a great night full of fun people to meet, fun prizes being given away, and as Jason said, “you can’t forget the cause.”

Get your tickets for HoHoTO today, and support the Daily Bread Food Bank, Here!

#HoHoTO Contest 1 Winner: @iAmJazzy

We had all these entries to our first contest but alas there can be only one winner. Thanks to all these people that entered and or retweeted!

Congratulations to @iamjazzy for winning our first #HoHoTO Ticket!

@iamjazzy was selected via a random draw on TwitterTwitterChickenDinner.com


Don’t forget – we have another contest on going RIGHT NOW! Please read the rules and post your festive #DevTO pics to support #HoHoTO!

#devTO HOHOTO Giveaway!

With the holidays coming, we’re looking to drop the keyboards and boogie with the rest of our Toronto community. The party? This year’s #HOHOTO shindig hosted by Daily Bread Food Bank! That being said: we’ve got a few tickets to give out to our #devTO members as a ‘Thanks For Coming Out’. And you’re thinking it’s gonna be THAT easy? HA!

We’ve got RULES for this twitter giveaway:

- wear your #DevTO tshirt and take a pic! (if you don’t have a #DevTO t-shirt then Photoshop it)
- put on something festive; santa hat, Rudolph nose, mistletoe, etc
- post picture on twitter with “Look at me @devto_ca¬†#DevTO being all festive #HohoTO

We’ll select a random winner this Friday at 4pm by the power of TwitterTwitterChickenDinner.com! Entries will also be posted to the site!

Can’t wait to see you do something that just ISN’T code!