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Women 2.0 City Meetup – Toronto Launch Event

Women 2.0 City Meetup is coming to Toronto, and will be launching with their first meetup on November 6th. Women 2.0 is a media brand focused on connecting with the next generation of tech leaders, both men and women, and they currently host their networking events in over 20 cities globally.

The launch of Women 2.0 City Meetup Toronto will host featured speakers Shaherose Charania, the CEO and Founder of Women 2.0, as well as Betty Devita, President of MasterCard Canada. You can also expect to see and rub shoulders with a veritable who’s who of Tech in Toronto, so make sure to set this event in your calendar!

Women 2.0 City Meetup Toronto welcomes both men and women, and will continue to host their events on the 1st Thursday of every month. Visit Women 2.0 City Meetup Toronto to find out more or to get your ticket.

Featured Startup: speakme

You read an interesting article online. You get to the end, and your eye glosses over the comment section, because you know it’s full of spam and rage.

You see someone’s thoughtful input on a reddit post, think to yourself: “wow, I feel exactly the same way.” And completely forget their username 5 minutes later.

You send an email or text message, and you’re surprised to find out the recipient was upset because your tone got lost in translation.

While anonymity and text communication serve crucial purposes online, it shouldn’t be universal. At speakme, we want to make the world feel smaller by giving you a way to truly connect.

speakme is a social video experience where users collaborate in global discussions about anything and everything they care about. Members login with social media profiles, and record videos of up to 30 seconds about topics that matter to them. Others publicly respond via their own recorded videos, and these responses play sequentially, creating a full, vibrant conversation; less like a bulletin board, and more like a dinner conversation with familiar faces. By combining users’ social media presences with face- to-face interactions, we are seeking to make the internet a friendlier, more engaging, and collaborative place.







The team starts with two co-founders, Zack and Adam Fisch. Adam’s focus is on product, UI, marketing, and finance. He has a JD from Western University and spent several years doing investment research. Zack is technical manager, with knowledge in HTML, CSS and Python, and a degree in History from the University of Waterloo.

screen3speakme is working with GrandBright Software, a development firm in Richmond Hill, Ontario, to bring the idea to life. GrandBright’s two principals each have over 20 years’ experience in developing enterprise applications.

speakme is currently looking to bring on a technical cofounder, as we ramp up prototype testing and prepare for beta launch in the coming weeks. If you or someone you know wants to know more, please get in touch!

Check out this great video on speakme:

Lean Start Up Weekends

Toronto’s about to get a little leaner! We at #DevTO are happy to welcome a new bi-weekly meet up for entrepreneurs in Toronto. Lean Startup Weekends aims to help you get your idea out there and make money—all in one weekend!

These events are not limited to just developers; marketers, strategists and designers are all welcome to join in these high-intensity weekends.

If you’re interested, check out their meet up group and RSVP for their inaugural weekend event! If you can’t make this weekend, follow through Twitter with the hashtag ‘#leanweekends’.

Take a gander at their bio:

So do you want to start a company and make money? 

This is how we do it: Saturday morning we all share our amazing startup ideas, we vote for the best ones and form teams around them. From here we get out of building, ask potential customers, invalidate those amazing ideas, cross-validate ideas between teams, and pivot until we find something that actual clients will pay money for. 

We deliver the Minimum Viable Product to our customers and get them to pay for it all by end of Sunday. Devs, marketers, strategists and designers, all are welcome.

Find out more through our meetup page and check out #leanweekends


DevTO Team