From The DevTO Channel

Karl Martin & Wesley George – Developing for Wearable Tech

James Slifierz & Ryan Ovas – How Big Data will Reshape Communities, Online and Off

Kevin Macdonald – How Closure Compiler can help protect your IP

Manny Elawar – Reaching a new audience in less than 10 minutes

Ziyan Hossain – How the private cloud can help improve access & security

Alan Lok – Scaling WordPress

Cassie Doubleday – Let’s Talk About You

Alan Hietala – AngularJS: A Brief Introduction

Mark Reale & Zach Forrester – Intimacy and the Interface: Building an Internet Humans Can Love

Julian Lam – Forays into Node.js

Mark Lapasa – #LevelUp

Mike Logashov – Financial Tips for Startups

Kerry Morrison & Karim Awad – Create the Perfect Product or Your Idea is Awful: A Critique in Modern Startups

Dane Drotts – Stay Calm and Integrate All

Lanny Geffen & Joey Coleman – Near Future Trends In Tech & Building an Open Data Ecosystem

(Talks start at 37:00)

Paul Laberge – Holy Crap it’s a Yeti!

Gabriel Perez – Build a Transit Live Arrival Time Checker in 15min

Jérôme Lecomte – Bug Free Games From Day 1 with Behaviour Driven Development

Frédéric Harper – Building Win8 Apps More Exciting than a Unicorn in Wonderland!

Greg Wilson – We Know (But Ignore) More Than We Think

Mathieu Gosbee – Browser extensions! Chrome, Firefox and what the *bleep* am I doing?

HTML5 & Windows8, Friends with Benefits – Fred Harper

Designing a Windows8 App – Fred Harper

Documenting User Interfaces – Darcy Clarke

How it Went Down at Startup Weekend Toronto – Graham Kennery

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